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Patricia Sundblad is a confidential professional organizer who comes to homes or offices, assesses the organizational problem(s) you might have, whether it's just a room in the house, garage, attic, or entire home services. She opened her business, Bee Organized, 4 years ago. Since then, this organizational revamping business has opened doors to work with clients of all ages. Patricia is a member of the National Association for Professional Organizers, and a Christian Professional Organizers group called Faithful Organizers.

Organizing other people's homes and businesses is a unique concept. How did your business come about?

I had organized homes for friends and family for about 13 years and loved every minute of it. While organizing my friends and families, I saw that there were so many other people that might be able to use my services in organizing their homes and offices. I'm amazed how my business has grown by providing a service to others that I enjoy.

Where do you start in the organizing process?

Once I determine the best solution for the problem area(s) I handle it in one of two ways. I either give the customer ideas to work with, or if the client wants I provide hands-on assistance to get them organized. Some people need this extra motivation.

As a person who helps others get organized, what's your biggest challenge in running your business?

As I continue to grow with my business, I find it cumbersome to keep up with the many departments that a company can have. You really are unable to just focus on one area and neglect the others. The key is to find some type of balance in order for everything to flow properly. I find that right now, many long hours are the solution, but with the growth of my business I am looking forward to the time in the near future when I can hire staff to lighten the load.

What kind of services do you offer?

First time customers are given a free one-hour consultation that provides an overview which addresses the client's areas needing attention. Some clients can work with the ideas I give them on their own, while others need one-on-one help. Once we get started, I go to the client's location and help them sort, purge, and organize agreed upon areas and work with them at a pace that can be handled by the client.

Throughout the years of organizing, I have helped people:

  • Downsize their homes
  • Organize paperwork
  • Organize kid's toys
  • Organize closets
  • Organize laundry rooms
  • Organize bedrooms
  • Organize living rooms
  • Organize kitchens
  • Organize garages
  • Organize attics

If a person wants to get more organized where do they start?

Anyone can find information online by searching the terms Organizing or Storage. Also visit any library or bookstore and check for books under the same categories. If you still have an organizational problem or questions after reading about these topics on how to get organized, or still feel overwhelmed with the idea of getting started, then you might need professional help. I recommend that you find the help you need by hiring an organizer near you.

To hire an organizer near you, or for more information and ideas on organizing your home, go to the websites below or go directly to my website.

Professional Organizing Businesses