Mailing Your Federal Tax Return

Be sure to use accurate accounting practices.
Be sure to use accurate accounting practices.

To mail federal tax return forms in properly, it is very important to know the address and the method preferred by the Internal Revenue Service. To mail in your federal return, be sure you know what type of form you have. The government provides addresses to use for returns with payment or without payments. If you have any question about where to send your return, you can find more information at

Where Do I Need to Send My Federal Tax Return

Your federal tax return must be postmarked by April 15th of each year. Before heading to the post office, consider what address you should put on that envelope. The government divides where to send returns based on state and form type.

  • Individual Federal Tax Returns: Individuals, including business entities, will need to send their federal return in to the appropriate office. First visit the Addresses for Individual Taxpayers website where you can simply click on your state's name and be taken to another page. Use the chart to locate the type of form you will be sending in. Look across the chart to find the address for the appropriate office.
  • Tax Exempt or Government Forms: Those needing to submit these types of [Tax Services|federal tax returns] will need to visit the Tax Exempt and Government Entities website where you can locate the proper address for the tax form.

Mail Federal Tax Return by Number

Mailing Tax Forms

To mail federal tax return forms in to the federal government, you can also use the IRS's website to track down addressed by number rather than by state. To do this, visit the Addresses Listed by Return Type website. Here, you will find the form first by the number it starts with. Then, charts will appear. Choose the appropriate address based on the state you are filing.

In order to enable to the government to quickly process any and all tax returns, they do need to have you mail in forms to various offices located throughout the country. These do not necessary stay within your own state, though. Use the online services to know where to send your forms. It is the fastest and simplest method of doing so.


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Mailing Your Federal Tax Return