Business Reference Letter Template

Mary Gormandy White

If you have been asked to write a business reference letter and aren't quite sure where to get started, use one of the templates provided here for guidance. Some companies allow thorough references, while others place strict restrictions on what can be shared. Verify your company's policy with HR, then choose the document appropriate for your situation by and clicking its image. If you need assistance, check out these helpful tips.

Comprehensive Letter of Reference

If you can write a comprehensive letter of reference without violating your company's policies, this template can be a good starting point for the document you need to create. It is fully editable, so you are free to make any adjustments necessary to accurately convey the information that you want to share.

Limited Disclosure Reference Letter

If your company has strict guidelines on what information you are allowed to provide in response to reference requests, there may be an internal reference form you are required to use. If not, this template may work for you. However, it's best to check with HR first to be sure that you are only providing information as allowable within your company's policies. Since the document is fully editable, you can remove or add information as needed.

Stick to the Facts

When providing a reference letter, it is essential to include only information that is factual and truthful. Be very careful not to say something that is a matter of opinion that might keep someone from being considered for future employment as that could result in legal problems for you and your company. It's just as important to avoid making exaggerated positive statements about a person. If you build someone up too much, that could reflect poorly on you.

Stick with verifiable information that is completely truthful and you'll avoid both types of problems. If you don't honestly feel that you can give someone a positive reference, it's better to just decline the request than to write something potentially harmful or over-inflated.

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Business Reference Letter Template