Humorous Resignation Letters


If you are sick of your job and want to let your boss know you are jumping ship in a way he will never forget, try writing a humor resignation letter.

Humor Resignation Letters Defined

Though most people write humor resignation letters without the intent to actually deliver it, the process can be healing and fun. It is not uncommon to write a few different versions to find the right words to express how you feel. If you do plan to deliver it to your soon-to-be ex-boss, make sure that either you do not plan to ask for letters of recommendation or he is already well aware of your sense of humor and will not hold it against you. Also be certain that you really are ready to resign. Though you may think it is funny to hand in a mock letter, your boss may not.

If you are serious about writing a humor resignation letter, keep it as professional as possible. The funniest humor resignation letters are those your boss will have to read more then once to catch the true meaning. Keep these tips in mind while composing your message:

  • Take advantage of double meaning. If your boss always wears a blue tie, make a reference to feeling blue every time you see him or his tie.
  • Utilize inside company jokes that your boss will understand: "I'll miss most the stale donuts and watered down coffee."
  • Be facetious: "Though this is the best and most exciting job I've had in my entire two year career - not..."
  • Don't let him forget you. "Though it will be hard to find someone to fill my shoes, and the smell, I am confident there is another employee out there who is lazier than I am when it comes to doing laundry."
  • Be careful of what you joke about. If you signed a confidentiality agreement, joking about going to the competition to share secrets of a new product development, like the secret formula of the company's new perfume, could lead a lawyer to your door. Though it is not illegal to joke, many employers will not take sharing secrets lightly.

Writing for Fun

If you are writing for fun to relieve your frustration but have no intent on actually presenting the letter, you have more freedom to write whatever you want. However, be cautious of what you include because the letter could accidentally land on the desk of the big man himself, causing you to be forced to resign. He might not appreciate the joke about his nose hairs or Trump-imitation combover.

If you decide to share the letter with other employees, make sure they all know it is a joke. Be sure your enemy does not have a chance to photocopy it, unless of course you sign his name.

Be the Butt of Your Own Joke

Good humor resignation letters writers, like the one from, make fun of themselves. Examples of turning the joke on you would include:

  • I didn't realize I would actually have to come to a nine to five job.
  • In the interview, you forgot to tell me I would actually have responsibilities.
  • The only way you can talk me into staying is if you let me paint the office blue and decorate with a Smurf theme.
  • I thought the ad said education required a grade school diploma, not a Masters.

If you are looking to hand in the letter, make sure it is short and to the point, though a 100 page report on why you are quitting could make a quality humor resignation letter.


Before taking pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, take a look at some other great humor resignation letters for ideas. You can find one of the worst humor resignation letters ever at

Once you have written your letter, wait 24 hours before turning it in. This will stop you from doing something you may regret later. It is easy to get caught up in the moment and make rash decisions. If you still feel your resignation is the best way to get out of suffocating cubicle, then go for it.

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