Sample Business Letter Invitations

Business Letter Invitation Sample

Before you write your business letter invitation, take the time to review sample business letter invitations to not only get an idea for format, but also for style. A formal business letter invitation uses a set format and business language, while the opposite is true for a casual letter which may incorporate witty phrasing, poetry or a themed approach.


No matter which style you decide on, you'll notice that sample business letter invitations carry a positive tone that builds anticipation about the event or occasion and you'll want to do the same.

What to Include In a Business Letter Invitation

Name the Event

Along with explaining what type of event is planned and naming the event, include the:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Place

Is a Gift Expected?

If the event is being held for a special purpose, such as honoring an individual, be sure to include whether or not a personal gift is appropriate. This is just one example of addressing all the questions that might arise in the recipient's mind. For example, if the event is held to honor a retiring co-worker for his years of service, the invitation recipient may wonder if they are expected to bring a gift. Or is it appropriate?

What to Wear?

Another common question that arises in the minds of people attending an event is what they should wear. No one wants to be overdressed or under dressed, which leads to an uncomfortable scenario for the duration of the event, or may cause them to leave early. When writing your letter, you may want to specify what is appropriate to put questions about what to wear to rest.

Include a Specific Response Date

Make it clear to those who receive the invitation that you expect them to respond one way or another by a specific date in order to reserve a spot for them at the event. Include an RSVP line along with a phone number (or business email address) and the reply deadline.

Can They Bring a Guest?

This is another unknown that needs to be made clear in your invitation. Can the invited person bring a guest? Are children allowed? Does the invitation include a spouse? Clearly address this aspect of who is invited to elevate any doubt or uncertainty.

How to Get There

Include clear directions and perhaps a map on how to get to the event location.

Using Sample Business Letter Invitations

When putting together your invitation, use sample business letter invitations to help pick up ideas for vocabulary and format that will work for you.

Consider the following invitation sample:

ABC Party Plus

208 Gazebo Street

Happily Ever After, NY

Tel: 212-555-5555

October 15-16, 20-

Dear Valued Customer:

Mark you calendar for the ABC Party Plus Extravaganza! It's a great opportunity to check out the latest from top party supply vendors. See first hand what's new and what they have to offer, including samples for Halloween, Fall, Juvenile parties, baby parties, sports parties, theme parties and more. Hands on displays will give you first hand experience with the latest ideas to make your customer's parties special.

Our records show that you have been a customer of ABC Party Plus since our grand opening two years ago. In an effort to thank you for your business, we want to invite our preferred customers to our Fall/Winter Extravaganza.

This sales event is by invitation only. On Saturday the 15th, all of our stock, including accessories, decorations, costumes and favors will be marked down from 50-75%. Dress comfortably to shop, and we'll provide refreshments in our customer service department. Doors open at 9:00 AM. Plan to arrive early to take advantage of this special invitation before admission of the general public begins at noon.

As a bonus to our preferred customers, we've enclosed a $10 gift certificate for use during the Extravaganza on any purchase of more than $75.

We look forward to seeing you at ABC Party Plus' Fall/Winter Extravaganza and our main distribution center. A map is provided for your convenience. Please bring this invitation with you and present it at the door. It is good for you and two guests.



Store Manager

  • All sales are final. No exchanges.

Enclosure: Gift Certificate $10 (not redeemable for cash)

When to Send Your Invitation

You want the arrival of your invitation to be timely. Try to get your invitation sent out two weeks or more in advance of the event.

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