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If you want to involve employees in special activities designed to help increase sales, the sample memo for promotion included in this article will offer ideas for what information to provide to make it a success. Business memos are an important part of relaying information to your team, and promotion memos are no exception.

Planning Your Promotion

Planning is key to a well-run, successful promotion for your sales staff. By taking time to map out details in advance, everyone involved will know exactly what is expected of them. Here are some key points you need to cover:

  • What products will you include in the promotion?
  • When will the promotion start and finish?
  • How will the special offer be structured for customers? Will you offer a percentage discount, a coupon for the customer's next purchase, or some other type of incentive?
  • What forms of advertising will you use to draw attention to the promotion?
  • How will your top performers be rewarded for participating in the promotion?

Measuring Success

Another part of your sales promotion plan should include a way to measure progress as the promotion goes on. This is an important strategy for a couple of different reasons:

  • It gives positive feedback and recognition to high performers
  • It encourages other staff members to work hard to improve their sales figures

You can share success stories in a number of ways with your staff members as the promotion goes on. The method you choose to adopt will depend on the size of your business and the length of the promotion, as well as your own personal preference. Here are a fews ways that have proven successful:

  • Update employees by e-mail.
  • Add a leader board to the company newsletter.
  • Distribute memos to employees at certain intervals.
  • Post results on the company bulletin board.

When you choose to release sales figures, be sensitive to the fact that not all participants vie for the top spot. You may want to distribute one set of information with all the participants' results to the department involved in the promotion and only release the names of the top 3 to 5 participants to the rest of the company. The goal here is to keep your sales staff motivated to do their best, not to discourage the people at the bottom of the list from giving their best efforts.

Sample Memo for Promotion: Getting the Word Out

You can use this or a similar sample memo for promotion as a guideline when you make the announcement to your employees:

To: [Name of Department or Individual Employee Names]

From: [Name of Owner, CEO, or Sales Manager]


Re: Spring Sales Promotion

Spring has sprung and we are celebrating the end of winter by putting on a special promotion for our customers on [list products to be included here].

Customers ordering [name of product] will be eligible for the following:

[Set out details of special pricing or discounts here.]

The promotion will start on [date] and end on [date].

To support you in your efforts, we will be [list any special advertising campaigns that will be launched in conjunction with the promotion].

As an incentive to our valued sales staff, we will reward our top performers during the promotion with [list details of incentives, prizes, or bonuses the company will be offering in conjunction with the promotion].

We will also enter all [name of department] employees' names in a draw for [type details of prize here].

Be sure to check out [newsletter, bulletin board, or e-mails] to see sales results as the promotion goes on.

I know all of you will give this promotion your very best effort. Let's all work together to make this our best promotion yet!

Give your sales staff all the details they need by following this sample memo for promotion and they will be able to focus their efforts getting products out to your customers.

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Sample Memo for Promotion