Sample Rejection Letters

Rejection Letter

In the business world, sometimes the answer is "no." Because of this, you may find yourself in the situation of needing to write a rejection letter on behalf of your company. If you need to write this type of business letter, it can be helpful to start with a sample document rather than beginning from a blank page. Use one of the free examples provided here to help you get started.

Three Kinds of Rejection Letters

You can edit, customize and save any - or all - of these sample letters. Simply click the image of the letter that best meets your need to open the document as a PDF file. You can save each letter as-is for future use, or adjust it to meet your needs before saving. Click anywhere in the letter to make text edits using your keyboard. Use the "Save" and "Print" commands from the menu as needed. If you have any issues working with the documents, see this guide for Adobe printables for help.

Job Application Rejection Letter

If you need to let an applicant know that he or she did not get the job, it is a good idea to send a letter to that effect. Adjust this letter with information specific to your situation, being careful to keep the tone professional and objective.

Employment rejection letter
Employment rejection letter

Vendor Not Selected

If multiple vendors have submitted bids or proposals to provide your company with goods or services, it's a good idea to inform the ones you don't select when you make a decision. This can help preserve the relationship for future opportunities.

Vendor rejection letter
Vendor rejection letter

Grant or Scholarship Not Awarded

If you are involved with awarding scholarships or grant funding, chances are that you typically receive more applications than there are awards available. You should use a standard letter to inform those whose applications are not selected in order to communicate in a consistent manner with each non-successful applicant.

Funding rejection letter.
Funding rejection letter

Professional Communication

While it can be difficult to have to tell people that the answer is "no," sending a rejection letter is much more professional than leaving people wondering whether a decision has been made. Sending bad news can be a bit easier to deal with when you have sample rejection letter templates to use when it's time to start writing.

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Sample Rejection Letters