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A time management PowerPoint can be a useful aid to any time management presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint software enables users to generate engaging, creative presentations, handouts, and self-playing movies with the right software. While there's no one right template for every presentation, many sample PowerPoint documents are available online from various institutions. One such sample may inspire creativity for your own presentation.

Secrets to Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software package often bundled with the Microsoft Office suite of tools. It's used to create presentations in much the same way slideshows or old-fashioned paper decks were used many years ago.

There are many benefits to using PowerPoint for presentations. It's a standard office software package, so it's easy to share presentations with team members and potential customers. Presentations may be printed with entire slides taking up one piece of paper or with several slides fit to one sheet in "handouts" view to save paper. Presentations can also be shared over the Internet through tools such as WebEx and GotoMeeting, which link the presenter with his audience through the Internet.

Yet when creating PowerPoint presentations, there are several secrets that master presenters know that you should know, too.

  • PowerPoint is a visual medium. Use text sparingly. Long text should be included on a handout for participants to read later.
  • Present one major idea per slide.
  • Use animations and sound effects sparingly. Too many looks amateurish.
  • Time Management PowerPoint

If you're giving a time management workshop, here are several pointers to creating a great time management PowerPoint.

  • Outline your concept first on paper. This makes it easier to organize slides in PowerPoint.
  • Avoid busy, patterned backgrounds for slides, which make it difficult for people to see the text.
  • If presenting your PowerPoint in a big room, choose a dark colored background and light text. This is easier to read at a distance.
  • Provide an agenda for the presentation on the first or second slide so participants know what to expect.
  • Include short, bulleted lists of time management techniques, tips and pointers.
  • Use examples to illustrate specific time management concepts.
  • Sample Time Management Presentation

Each person presents different information depending on the audience, topic and needs. Generally speaking, start with major concepts and drill down into supporting detail when presenting to larger audiences.

Here's a sample outline of a time management PowerPoint created by a college professor to help his students manage their study time more effectively:

  1. Cover slide - presentation topic, date, name of presenter
  2. Agenda - what the presentation will cover
  3. Why Time Management in College Is Important
  4. Time Management Tips for Students
  5. Slides with supporting details and the actual tips: using an organizer and calendar, noting deadlines down at the start of a semester, setting aside 10 minutes a day to review deadlines, setting up blocks of time for study, recreation, activities
  6. Dealing with Procrastination
  7. Resources - campus resources to help students, such as a writing lab, tutoring center, etc.

One good rule of thumb when creating a PowerPoint presentation is to estimate that each slide takes about one minute to present. Never write out the entire presentation in tiny print on PowerPoint slides. Each slide should convey the major point. You as the presenter should fill in the supporting detail and facts.

Examples of Time Management Presentations

If you would like more examples of time management presentations, here are several PowerPoints created by human resources managers and others on time management that may spark your creativity:

  • Slideshare lets people share existing presentations with others. You can find time resources slides here.
  • DocStore is another tool used to share PowerPoints. Find time management presentations and more online.
  • Several examples are available on Time Management PPT.
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