Using Personal Business Cards

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Use a personal business card.

The fact that you aren't currently employed by a company doesn't mean that you can't get your own business cards. In some cases, personal business cards can be an excellent networking tool. Find out who uses these cards, why they can be beneficial and where you can get them if you would like some of your own.

About Personal Business Cards

A business/personal card is used when meeting people in social situations. You may want to have a way for people you meet outside of work to be able to remember your name and to contact you.

Why Use Personal Cards

A person who is a student, a freelancer or in between jobs may also want to use a personal business card. Since this form is different from traditional business cards, they do not identify the individual using them as being associated with a specific company or type of business.

If you decide to order personal business cards for your family, they can be used to make sure that your child's caregiver has your contact information handy. When school-aged children want to exchange phone numbers with their friends, they can simply hand out a card. Likewise, if your children have a family business card with them at all times, it can be used as a way to identify them if they become lost and as a tool to reunite them with a parent as soon as possible.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Since a personal business card does not need to conform to a specific company's colors or logo, you are free to use one that reflects your unique personality. You have the flexibility to choose a style or color combination that appeals to you.

Feel free to include an image that reflects your hobbies or interests on your personal business card. You can add a reference to a cause you are passionate about or include a quote you find inspiring. If you don't feel comfortable including this type of information, then you can opt for a simple design that lists only your name and contact information.

Where to Find Personal Business Cards

Visiting a printer is one place where you can find examples of personal business cards. They will have a number of styles to choose from. Keep in mind that the more colors you add to your business card, the more expensive it will be.

You can also find personal business cards online. Here are a few web sites that offer them:

  • VistaPrint allows you to design your own business card by filling in an online form and choosing the design you would like. A selection of free business cards is offered and customers can also choose from premium designs that are available for a fee.
  • Another option to consider when looking for cards is Customers can choose the style of business cards that they prefer (raised print, metal, plastic, glossy, etc.) and then design it using the company's online templates. Before the cards are printed, they can be proofed and approved. Finally, the order is shipped directly to the customer's door. What could be more convenient?
  • has a different approach to business cards. Instead of using ready-made business card templates, this company offers custom-designed business cards. Several samples are available online, but if you have your design ready to go, you can submit it electronically to the company. In a few days, your cards will be ready for you to view online.

Stand Out with Your Own Business Cards

Handing out business-type cards with your personal info. is a great way to make sure people you meet remember your name and have a way to contact you after the fact. You don't need to identify your workplace or profession unless you choose to. After all, you are more than where you work!

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Using Personal Business Cards