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Expert Resumes for Computer and Web Jobs

Expert Resumes for Computer and Web Jobs

According to Louise Kursmark, author, resume consultant and the president of Best Impressions Career Services, Inc., "A key challenge in writing resumes for technology professionals is making sure the resume… Keep reading »

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Whether you're an employee in a business or you're running your own show as an entrepreneur, there's always a need for quality business advice. With the rapid-paced, technology-focused world information is constantly changing. It's critical to keep up-to-date to stay on top of your game and ahead of the competition.

Starting a Business

Starting your own business is a dream for many people but it's definitely not for the faint of heart. Knowing how others were successful in their own business ventures can give you valuable real-life scenarios to follow. Some experts you can learn from include:

Promoting a Business

Once you have an idea for your business, you'll need to find ways to get customers. There are many options available today using traditional and online marketing channels.

Good Writing Is Key

Whether you use social media or printed marketing materials, you'll need to know how to be a good business writer to be effective.

Multiple Marketing Channels

To be successful today, you'll need to employ multiple media marketing channels, such as social media, email marketing, direct mail and more. If you have a specific niche, such as accounting firms, there are unique channels to investigate for better promotion.

Going Viral Is Gold

Every small business dreams of having their marketing "go viral" which can lead to hundreds or thousands of new viewers and customers. Having a meme or video reach thousands of viewers in literally instants can take your brand to new levels of success.

Resumes and Job Interviews

If you're looking to find your dream job working for a company, it's important to know how to put together a modern, effective resume that will make employers take notice. An interview is also a critical part of securing a position and it helps to know not only how to be interviewed, but how to interview others to demonstrate your knowledge.

Improving Soft Business Skills

Many "soft" skills are the kind you don't learn in business school but can be a critical part of your success or failure at work. Knowing how to manage people effectively and be a competent, inspiring CEO are skills one needs to develop regardless of their position in a company. Using your intuition and trusting your instincts at work can foster better relationships with co-workers, subordinates and your boss.

Learning About Business

Being a successful business person requires keeping an open mind and a love of life long learning. Always seek out others who have done well in their field and learn from their successes and failures to shape your own career path. Maybe someday you'll be a mentor for others making their first steps into their career!

Expert Business Advice