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Anita Rezvani

Most professionals carry business cards, but what is the best way to create business cards that convey confidence and competence while also catching a potential client's attention? Anita Rezvani, President and co-founder of BizCard, reveals the best ways to get business cards that get you noticed.

Why does every businessperson need a business card?

Business cards are the most powerful networking tool for every business person. Usually you have a conversation - even if brief - with a person before you hand them your business card. You get a chance to show your character, personality and build a rapport.

This face-to-face advantage can hardly be replicated by email or over the phone. Think of it as a billboard you can carry in your pocket. It is the best piece of print advertising.

What information should a business card contain?

A business card needs to carry your basic contact information such as:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

What we notice now is that several businesspeople add their web presence information to their cards such as their Skype ID, Twitter username, and other information.

What are some ways to save money when buying business cards?

You can get free business cards from most providers if you are a first time customer, but oftentimes there is a catch: Most free business cards come with the provider's logo on the back of the card, hence you are also advertising for them. At BizCard, we do not add our logo or any message to the free business cards. We simply believe the customers will like the quality of our products enough to spread the word and come back for their refill.

What are some methods used to make business cards special or personalized?

You can personalize your business cards in many ways. The most popular method is to have a custom design using your logo or to utilize a variety of fonts for the lettering on the cards.

At BizCard we offer cards with unusual shapes such as slim and square cards, rounded corners, die cuts and more. These are great ways to customize your cards. There are other ways you can make your cards special, such as using foils, embossments, and other special features.

Is it difficult for business people to design their own business cards?

Everyone is creative, but not everyone is a designer. It is not easy to translate your ideas into a professional-looking print design. I would suggest using a designer template or hiring a designer. If your cards do not look professional, think of what message they convey about yourself and your business. If you insist on creating your own design, you should keep it simple.

What is the most interesting business card you have ever seen?

It is hard to say. I keep a collection of business cards that I find creative. If I had to choose the most interesting card it would have to be the cards a friend of mine has. She orders by small batches and adds an inspiring message on the back of the cards. Sure enough, this is the kind of card you pull every now and then to read the message and guess what happens next…nine times out of ten you end up sending her an email. That is smart.

How many business cards should people order initially?

I would suggest ordering a small quantity first and see if you like your cards, especially if you designed your own cards since what you see on your computer is not always what you get on your cards. That is why you should choose a great print provider.

What other advice do you have for people regarding the creation of the best business cards?

A business card is your own personal billboard. The only difference is that this print ad fits and stays in the receiver's wallet, so you need to make sure it sends the proper message. Also, referral is a cheap form of advertising and you should take that into consideration and make it easy for individuals by giving them two or three cards at the time.

Business cards are the most powerful networking tool for every business person.

About Anita Rezvani

Anita Rezvani is a co-founder and President of BizCard, a print solutions company. Anita's past experience includes running operations for the ABC Group and helped to create $4 million dollars in annual revenue. Prior to the ABC Group she worked at American Express where she managed key national accounts including high-end brands like Gucci, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, and America West Airlines while they were in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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About BizCard

BizCard provides quality business cards and other print products to small businesses and other customers. BizCard is also Green Seal Certified as an eco-friendly business. For more information regarding their environmentally-friendly business practices or their free business cards call 1-800-555-6778.

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