Business Pamphlet Design

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If you're planning to create brochures or other collateral materials to market your company, it's important to make sure that you understand the principles of effective business pamphlet design.

Business Pamphlet Design Considerations

When you send out literature promoting your company, the appearance of the documents you distribute has an impact on your company's overall image. It's in your best interest to make sure you understand what separates high quality business documents that send the right message from those that give consumers the opinion that your organization is less than credible.

Designing your own pamphlets is perfectly acceptable, as long as you create materials that truly look professional and project the proper image for your company. It's important to realize that creating an effective brochure involves much more than putting down a few words on paper. It involves graphic design, writing and editing skills, ability to create sales-oriented copy, knowledge about mailing regulations, and much more.

Here are a number of factors to consider when designing a business pamphlet:

  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Color Versus Black and White
  • Consistency with Advertising, Website, Etc.
  • Content
  • Cost of Printing
  • Coordination with Other Business Papers
  • Ease of Update
  • Editing
  • Freedom from Errors
  • Layout
  • Images
  • Marketing Focus
  • Need for Customization
  • Number of Folds
  • Proper Size for Mailing
  • Paper Quality
  • Postal Regulations
  • Printing Cost
  • Professional Appearance
  • Quantity Needs
  • Shelf Life (Will content have to be updated frequently?)
  • Writing Style

Brochure Design with Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a popular desktop publishing application for designing brochures. This program is included with the latest versions of Microsoft Office, so many people have access to this application without having to spend extra money. If you're familiar with other Office applications, mastering Publisher is not likely to be difficult. This application isn't generally the application of choice for professional graphic artists, but it is a good option for small businesspeople who want to create their own promotional materials. Publisher has a variety of templates that can be used to create a wide variety of materials, such as business cards, letterhead paper, newsletters, brochures, post cards, flyers, and more. Keep in mind that while the preformatted templates are great for practice, it's best to customize the design of the materials you actually use for your business.

Getting Help with Business Pamphlet Design

If you'd like to hire a professional to assist with designing pamphlets for your business, there are several options available.

  • Advertising Agencies: Many advertising agencies design brochures and other materials. Some will work with small businesses on a project basis, but others offer this service only to full-service clients who use the agency for all their marketing needs.
  • Companies that Specialize in Business Literature: Search the Kelly Search Engine for details and contact information for hundreds of companies who provide marketing pamphlet design services.
  • Freelance Graphic Artists: Even though a major advertising agency might not work with you solely to design a pamphlet, it is likely that there are several graphic artists in your area that offer business materials design services. Search the membership directory of your local Chamber of Commerce or look up the Business Network International chapters in your area to find professionals who offer and market this type of service.
  • Printing Companies: Businesses that provide printing services also offer brochure design for their small business customers for a fee. They often employ professional designers and layout specialists. If you are able to write your own copy, but need help with the visual appeal of your brochure, this may be the most cost effective solution for you.

Preparing Your Pamphlets

Whether you decide to try your hand at business pamphlet design or plan to utilize the services of a professional, keep yourself focused on the fact that the purpose of creating brochures is to increase visibility and sales for your company. While controlling costs is an important consideration in small business management, you can't cut corners when it comes to creating the materials you will use to attract new customers to your business. Your company pamphlets don't have to feature award-winning graphic design or be printed using the most advanced and costly technologies. However, going to the opposite extreme can harm your company's image. A professional, attractive brochure can boost your business, but one that looks amateurish or is full of typos or graphical errors can cause prospective customers to look elsewhere.

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