Direct Mail Marketing Ideas

Using a bright colored envelope can get attention.
Bright colors get attention in direct mail.

Direct mail marketing ideas can help you get more out of your direct mail activities. Considering the amount of money and time that is involved in a direct mail marketing campaign, it's important to maximize your return on investment wherever you can. Direct mail ideas can help you make the most out of the campaign and help ensure the growth of your business. Whether you're a small business owner, marketing manager or advertising professional, you can learn from these tips.

Direct Mail Marketing Ideas to Increase Revenue

Direct mail marketing ideas help get your mail noticed, opened and acted upon. These ideas may not be appropriate for every company's direct mail approach, but everyone should be able to find something that appeals to them in these resources.

Include a Sample

By including a sample in a direct mailing, you have the opportunity to get really creative. Most people are familiar with samples of consumer products in the mail (like a new seasoning or a free diaper), but you can send nearly anything via mail. For example, roofing suppliers have been known to send roof tiles via direct mail. By making the package bulky, you increase the likelihood of it being opened.

Mail a Bulky or Crinkly Package

If you don't have a sample to share, you can use other techniques to make your package hold interest for the receiver. You can add a pen and a pad of paper to each mailing. You can also use a crinkly packing material, like a foiled envelope. It's the "Christmas present" principle. You can't help but open the package.

Use Bright Colors

Another attention-getting tactic is to use bright colors in your piece of direct mail. Either invest in a bright colored envelope, or have an attachment to your envelope that is a bright color. For example, some companies wrap their letter in what looks like a bright Post-it note (but it's actually part of the envelope). As a person is sorting through their mail, they'll instantly be drawn to the envelope's color and be more likely to open it.

Use Big Letters on the Package

If you haven't caught on - anything that catches attention spells more opens and more revenue in direct mail marketing. Using a billboard-like headline on the outside of your envelope is a real attention getter. The big letters invite the eye to read the message, and if the message is motivating enough, the person will open the package.

Use an Odd Shaped Package

If you can't afford the costs of mailing something heavy, you can make your card or envelope an interesting shape. Regular-shaped cards and envelopes get ignored in a stack of regular-sized bills and mail. A uniquely shaped piece of direct mail will invite a second look.

Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Direct mail marketing campaigns are more than just packaging. If you want to be successful with your direct mail pieces, you need to structure your direct mail marketing campaign in the right way. A successful campaign will help you get more sales and make your direct mail marketing more profitable.

In addition to selecting the right packaging, you need to choose the right offer to include in that packaging. Ask yourself what your goals are for the direct mail campaign. If you want new customers, you might want to offer a discount. If you'd like to bring back repeats, offer an incentive for them to come back to your business. Once you select the offer, you can begin to think of a marketing campaign that will speak to your audience.

You'll also need to choose the right time in which to send your offer. Most companies plan mailings around major holidays or other triggers that would encourage people to buy. You can also use them intermittently in order to drum up business. Just be sure to look at your schedule and determine when the best time is to send messages. You don't want to inundate your list with lots of messages all at one time.

Direct mail techniques can help you find new business and bring back old business. If you plan your approach wisely, you can see bigger returns from each direct mail campaign that you send out.

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Direct Mail Marketing Ideas