Free Business Cartoons

Free Business Cartoons

People enjoy cartoons, and free business cartoons are available for use on websites and blogs, but if you choose to use these illustrations be sure to read the conditions and restrictions that apply.

Use of Business Cartoons

Cartoons break up the monotony of a web page filled with text. Even though your site offers helpful information, reading about business can be pretty dull. Adding a cartoon will give people a laugh and even generate traffic to your site as people direct others to read the cartoon. This new traffic can translate into new business prospects and customers.

Other ways to use free business cartoons include:

  • Company Newsletters
  • Business Presentations
  • Websites and Intranets
  • Advertising and Business Email Campaigns
  • Training Manuals and Fax Cover Sheets

Sources for Free Business Cartoons

Using free business cartoons makes good business sense. They offer a light-hearted way to make a point and promote interaction with customers and employees.

Free Daily Cartoon Feature

Ted Goff offers a free cartoon titled "Mostly Business" which is free for use on websites and intranets. However, conditions for use apply.

Conditions for Use:

  1. Cartoon feature cannot be used if your site contains porn.
  2. Users must provide name, email address and url to generate a license granting use of the cartoons.
  3. Copyright line may not be removed from cartoons.
  4. The cartoon must be linked to Ted Goff's site at
  5. Only the current day's cartoon may be displayed and cartoons cannot be archived on your site.
  6. The daily cartoon feature is not free for use beyond display on your web page or intranet page. It is not to be used in email, online or print newsletters, newspapers, magazines or in presentations,

Business Cartoons

Business Cartoons by UK cartoonist Morris offers a free a business cartoon each week. All you have to do is email a request for the cartoon and it will be sent as an email attachment within 24 hours. These free business cartoons can be used for any purpose but the Business Cartoons URL cannot be removed. Plus the cartoon can only be requested during the week that it is displayed.


Andertoons offers a free daily cartoon for websites and blogs. All you have to do is cut and paste the code into your website or blog's HTML. It appears as a thumbnail, and when readers click on it, the cartoon enlarges to an easy to read version.

They give away these cartoons in an effort to get more people see Andertoons cartoons, and buy other available cartoons for use in newsletters, presentations, magazine, books, etc. A selection of cartoons is available by topic.

Conditions for Use:

  1. Users have permission to change the code's fonts, colors etc. to match colors of websites or blogs, but text and links must not be changed.
  2. Archiving of cartoons on your site is not allowed.
  3. Cartoons are not to be used on adult websites

Grow Your Business

Using cartoons can help you grow your business and in turn make more money while having a little fun. Use them in your advertising plan to not only grab attention but also to get people to talk about and share your advertising whether it's online or in print. For a charge, many cartoonists will provide a customized cartoon for your advertising purposes.

If you want to learn more about how to use cartoons to grow your business, The Art of Selling Using Cartoons offers helpful information on how to get free advertising cartoons and much more.

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Free Business Cartoons