Marketing Ideas for a Health Club

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There are many different marketing ideas for a health club. Marketing your health club is intended to attract more customers so that you can sell more memberships. You can change your marketing ideas to reach the target market and deliver the message that will draw people into your gym.

Multiple Marketing Ideas for a Health Club

Start Typing

One way to market a health club is to reach your target groups through other publications, except that instead of placing an advertisement you will be writing an advice column. Approach local newspapers, magazines and websites and ask whether they might be interested in adding a health column to their publication. If so, produce a short, generalized article as often as their publication cycle permits. Provide basic advice about health and nutrition. At the end, pitch regular exercise as an important part of every healthy lifestyle. Don't forget to include your health club's contact information. The potential return on this marketing idea makes it well worth the few minutes of typing.

Host a Charity Event

Marketing ideas for a health club can also have a charitable focus, such as by developing and hosting a charity event inside or in the parking lot of your health club. Contact your local fire and police departments to see if they would be interested in competing against each other - all for fun, of course. Winners of simple competitions such as tug-of-war and rope climbs can be rewarded in the form of a cash donation to the department's choice of charity. To increase attendance, advertise your event to customers you believe would be interested in and want to support the charities. This marketing method is particularly useful if you are announcing the opening of your gym. Another option is to choose charities focused on living a healthy lifestyle, such as the American Heart Association or the Healthy Schools Campaign, to receive your donation.

Work as a Delivery Man

Delivering healthy snacks to local schools, ladies groups and businesses is a great way to market your health club. The three p.m. snack time is when most people search for sustenance, and you can make it your snack that they snatch up. A dozen apples in a basket with your health club's name and contact information on it will be memorable, and may result in more than one employee joining your gym. This marketing method can be repeated every three months, just to refresh memories about your health club.

See Who's Celebrating

Check the engagement announcement section of the newspaper each Sunday for new notices. Jot down the name of the bride and groom, search online for their address and write a personal note to them inviting them to your club to get in shape for the big day. You may want to entice them with a free celebratory personal-trainer session; that just might be the clincher for many brides.

This marketing idea can also be used to contact local wedding planners. Provide the planner with basic information about your health club and include any incentives you are willing to offer the newly-engaged couple. Toss in a discounted membership for the planner if she refers three or four clients a year, and that's one more membership you can add to your roster.

Reward Attendance

Sometimes, the best marketing ideas for a health club utilize your current members. Offer a program where if a member refers two people who join your health club for a year or longer, the member receives a free personal trainer session or a free month of membership. If you don't limit the number of times members can earn this reward, they will be motivated to keep looking for new referrals.

Marketing Your Health Club

When marketing your health club, consider your target audience and the best way to reach them. Choose a marketing idea, then change it to reach different groups or deliver a different message. Keep in mind that sometimes the best way to garner interest in your health club is to not be too pushy. Slipping your health club's information in with gifts, advice and incentive offers is less pushy, which many people may appreciate.

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