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Network marketing professionals use a multitude of tools to assist them with their business. These tools range from the traditional business card to the recently developed "Quick Response" (QR) Codes.

Types of Network Marketing Tools

There are many different types of tools that will help you with your network marketing business. Regardless of type, however, each of the commonly used tools will assist you in reaching as many potential customers and clients as possible.

Email System

An email software system allows computer users to not only receive, send and organize emails, but also organize contact lists. This feature makes it easier to find and contact potential clients and customers. The contact management aspect of these programs is the most essential tool to network marketing professionals. Through it, they keep track of whom they contacted, when they contacted them and whether any follow-up is necessary. The fact that these programs also usually include task organizers and calendars is also helpful.

To have these tools work as best as possible for you, it is essential to make it your starting point for all of your emails and contacts. Essentially, you must use the system. Input contacts and use the system's functions as early as possible to acquire the full benefits of these programs.

Other email programs provide easy methods to create opt-in email marketing lists and send professional quality emails. Services such as Constant Contact, Vertical Response and Mail Chimp provide affordable email marketing systems for networking marketing professionals.


Similar to email systems, computer databases allow network marketers to track current or potential customer communications, sales history and other important information. These programs range from being rather simple to quite complex, depending on the user's needs. They often allow the user to organize and enter data in a method of their own choosing, search for specific client information and easily add or delete sections.

To have databases work the best for your network marketing needs, you must begin to build its information early. Include everything you can in it and then rely on it for your needs. This way, when you need a set of data or other information, you will automatically turn to your database and find its contents helpful.

Business Cards

The traditional business card remains one of the best marketing tools for any business. For a network marketing company, cards just might be essential. A business card tells a client, contact or potential customer who you are and what you do and also provides them with your contact information.

Although there are thousands of different styles out there, a basic card might be the best. A light colored background with dark typing and a basic font is easy to see and therefore read. Nothing ensures your card will be tossed in the garbage more than it being illegible.

Quick Response Codes

Quick Response (QR) Codes have existed for several years overseas, specifically in Japan. They hit U.S. shores only recently, but since then have been popping up everywhere. A QR code is a square filled with a matrix barcode. The barcode is readable by camera phones, enabling individuals to point and click on the barcode to find out more about the advertisement. The interpretation software is usually free.

Once interpreted, an individual can download information about the company, find its location or add its information to their address book. Some codes even take users right to the company's webpage.

Although these codes are on large advertisements, they're also appearing on the backs of business cards. Adding one to your card or any other of your business pamphlets makes it easy and fun for clients to find out more about your business.

Choosing Your Tools

Not all tools are right for every company. Prior to investing money into software or other ideas, make a list of how you think the tool will help you and any potential drawbacks you see. If the benefits outweigh the cost, go ahead and try it.

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