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If you're looking for a sales approach that is likely to appeal to a broad segment of consumers, consider incorporating patriotic marketing techniques into your overall marketing strategy.

What is Patriotic Marketing?

Patriotic marketing involves the use of promotional strategies that convey a sense of national pride. When companies incorporate images and slogans designed to appeal to consumer patriotism into their marketing strategies, they are using patriotic marketing. This type of marketing can involve:

  • Giving products patriotic names
  • Designing packaging that features patriotic colors and images
  • Making special offers to military personnel and veterans
  • Emphasizing the use of domestic materials and manufacturing processes

Patriotic Themes in Marketing Strategies

Companies that choose to use patriotic messages in their marketing efforts understand that many consumers allow their sense of national pride influence their purchasing habits. People like to do business with companies that share their values and organizations that demonstrate patriotism in their marketing efforts are often appealing to individuals with a strong sense of national pride.

While using patriotic marketing strategies can be very effective, it's vital to maintain the proper tone to avoid sending inappropriate messages. Improperly mixing humor with patriotic messages, for example, is a marketing blunder that can easily backfire. If you're planning to utilize patriotic images in your marketing messages, make sure everything you do remains in good taste and conveys the proper measure of respect for your country.

Patriotic Examples in Marketing

Made in the USA

Companies that make or market products manufactured in the United States often stress their domestic ties in their marketing messages. Many clothing manufacturers that continue to produce products domestically use Made in the USA patriotic marketing techniques in their advertisements, product promotion materials, and on their labels.

Marketing to Military Personnel

Many companies choose to offer discounts and other special offers to active duty military personnel and veterans. This type of patriotic marketing is a sound strategy for many types of businesses. It can help increase business from military personnel, and also conveys the message to the general public that the company has a strong sense of patriotism and national pride.

Companies that recognize the advantages of appealing to current and former military personnel can benefit from partnering with Veterans Advantage. By partnering with this organization, businesses have a unique opportunity to market products and services to military personnel, veterans, and their families through the association's online and off-line marketing materials and at a variety of exclusive special events.

Companies that partner with Veterans Advantage include:

  • Amtrak
  • Apple
  • Avis
  • Best Western
  • Continental Airlines
  • Dell
  • DHL
  • Enterprise
  • Greyhound
  • Hertz
  • John Hancock
  • North American Van Lines,
  • Sallie Mae
  • Verizon

Patriotic Décor

No matter what type of business you're in, it can be beneficial to incorporate patriotic themed décor into your company's place of business. Many service oriented businesses choose to display American flags at their places of operation. It's very common for banks, for example, to fly flags near their entrance signs. If you choose to display a flag at your place of business, be certain that you observe standards of good taste for where and how the flag is exhibited. It's also important to make sure that the flag you display is in excellent condition. When it starts to display signs of wear and tear, replace it with a new one.

Growing Your Business with Patriotic Appeal

For those looking for a way to position their business so that it appeals to a broad consumer base, patriotic techniques and messages in marketing campaigns can prove to be a beneficial strategy to utilize.

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