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software for writing sales letters

Sales letter writing software can make writing these important letters easier and faster. By providing you with templates, suggested wording and built-in grammar and spelling checks, these software programs can be a great investment.

Sales Letter Writing Software Options

There are two types of letter writing software on the market: templates and generators. Each type has benefits and drawbacks; carefully consider each prior to purchasing.

Template Programs

A template program prompts you to provide relevant information for the letter you select. The program then automatically inserts this information into the letter. The benefit of this type of software is that it is extremely easy to use. The drawback, however, is that the provided templates might not perfectly conform to your needs. Additionally, because they are pre-programmed, it is sometimes difficult to make changes to a template, leaving you stuck with what is offered.

This type of software costs between $30 to $50, depending on the number of templates provided. Several companies have received favorable review of their template programs, including the Sales Letter Creator and The Sales Letter Guru.

Generator Programs

Generator software provides you with a basic outline of a sales letter, but you are required to write all of the text. Essentially, the software prompts you about what you should include. This type of software is called a "generator" simply because it guides you in your writing. The benefit of this software is that you can modify it to suit your company's needs. The downside to letter generators, though, is that for the most part they leave you to fend for yourself writing-wise.

This type of software costs between $40 to $50. Favorably reviewed companies include Armand Morin's Sales Letter Generator.

How Letter Writing Software Helps

Sales letters are one of the most utilized means of connecting with potential customers. In a good sales letter, you inform the reader about your company and its products or services and make a pitch that will hopefully make the reader contact you for more information. Great sales letters induce the reader to buy something from you. Because these letters directly affect your sales, they are one of your most important business tools.

Sales letter writing software guides you through the process of writing these letters. Software helps with letter format and content, eliminating much of the guesswork that can accompany the task of sales letter writing. By simplifying the process and having ready answers to your questions, these programs can reduce the amount of time you spend writing. This means that you mail the letters earlier and start bringing in new business faster.

Considerations When Buying Software

Not all software is created equal. Letter writing software should be easy to understand, install and use. Thoroughly investigate each option prior to purchasing it to ensure that it meets your expectations and will serve your needs.

The first consideration is the software's cost. While you can deduct this cost from your taxes as a business expense, the software should not be very expensive. It is important to remember that the software will not be your only cost in producing sales letters. The cost of paper, envelopes, ink and postage are expenses that will also need to figure into your budget. Be careful to not blow your entire marketing budget solely on your software purchase.

The software's format is another important consideration. Do you download the software online or do you purchase a CD? Software provided on a CD can be reinstalled should you have an unexpected computer failure or upgrade your system, but downloaded software may not be available to reload. Format, however, also refers to the software's system requirements. Make sure that the program is compatible with your operating system; it seems simple, but this attribute is often overlooked.

Using Your Software

Remember that the software is a tool, and not the deciding factor for the design or wording of your letters. Only you know the ins-and-outs of your business and what your letters need to contain so that they are efficient and productive.

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