Sample Direct Mail Marketing Letters

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How do you write a letter that prompts customers to contact you? Fortunately, there is no need to recreate the wheel. The sample letters provided here are designed to cover a broad range of direct mail needs. Simply download and revise the text to match your needs. If you need help downloading these letters, check out these helpful tips.

1. Sell a Product to Consumers

This letter is for marketers who wish to sell a product to consumers. In the sample letter, the product is jewelry. The letter is written to create an emotional appeal. With some basic language tweaks, it could be adapted to fit a variety of product categories.

Direct mail product sales letter (consumer)
Product sales letter (consumer)

2. Sell a Service to Consumers

This letter is written to sell a service to consumers. The example is from a plumber to a homeowner, but, again, other types of services could be substitutes. The strength in this letter is that it anticipates potential stumbling blocks and addresses them head-on in a non-defensive manner. The company sending the letter appears to be more of a comrade to the potential customer instead of an aggressive marketer. Customize the text with your own information before sending the letter out to customers.

Direct mail service sales letter (consumer)
Service sales letter (consumer)

3. Sell a Product to a Business

This letter is designed to help a business person sell a product to a business. This letter trades on an existing relationship while giving the recipient an opportunity to be "in the club." The letter format presents brief -but impressive- statistics to help spurn the potential customer into action. Edit the text to customize the letter for whatever product or service is offered through your company.

Direct mail product sales letter (business)
Product sales letter (business)

4. Sell a Service to a Business

This letter is all about selling a service to a business. It is brief, powerful, and addresses a very real need on the part of the recipient. Business owners are notoriously busy and stretched for time, making the brevity of this letter appropriate to the audience. The trick is to grab the reader's attention as quickly as possible and get straight to the point. Remember to keep the text brief when editing this letter to fit your needs.

Direct mail service sales letter (business)
Service sales letter (business)

Tips to Catch a Customer's Attention

Your letter must convince the reader to take action. Consider the way the page will be folded when it comes out of the envelope. Which part of the message will greet his eye first, second and third?

Think about the kinds of letters that capture your attention. Pull out a few and look at them. Chances are:

  • They contain blocks of copy that can be visually scanned.
  • Paragraphs are short, and sentences are concise.
  • You understand quickly and clearly what the sender wants you to do.
  • The sender gives you a good reason to comply.

Get Started

Pull together a mailing list and begin communicating directly with your customers and prospects. You may choose to start small with fewer than 100 letters on your own letterhead. In no time you will likely see results rolling in and may need to seek out the services of a professional direct mail service.

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Sample Direct Mail Marketing Letters