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Updated December 20, 2019
writing a business wallet check

If you want to be able to carry company checks with you, it's a good idea to get a set of business wallet checks. Even if you use standard computerized business checks to pay your company's monthly bills, it can be beneficial and convenient to carry a set of small wallet checks in your briefcase or purse.

Types of Business Wallet Checks

If you'd like a set of wallet checks for your company, the first thing you'll need to do is decide if you want to get single wallet checks or duplicate checks.

Single Wallet Checks

With single checks, you simply write out your check, tear it off, and hand it to the merchant from whom you are purchasing goods and services. It's important to record the transaction in your check register, so you can be certain to keep track of your cash outflow.

Duplicate Checks

Many businesses prefer duplicate checks to single wallet checks. With duplicate checks, there is a carbon sheet behind each check. When you remove a completed check from your check book, the carbon copy stays behind, leaving a permanent record of the transaction. Even if you don't record the transaction in your check register immediately, you'll be able to keep track of the checks you've written by referring to the duplicates left behind. Duplicate checks can make your small business accounting and much less stressful.

Purchasing Wallet Checks

Regardless of which type of wallet-style check you prefer, there are several options for getting wallet checks for your company.

Ordering Checks From Your Bank

Many businesses order checks directly from their financial institution. Some business bank accounts come with a certain number of free wallet style checks. Most banks offer several colors and styles of checks, which can be custom printed with your company's name, contact information, and even your logo. Even though it can be very convenient to order business checks from your bank, this isn't always the most economical option. Buying checks from a financial institution is usually the most expensive way to purchase them.

Purchasing From a Check Printing Company

When you're running a small business, it's a good idea to look for every possible way to save money on the items or services you need, including banking. Ordering checks from a company that specializes in check printing often provides a greater value than ordering checks directly from the bank. When you order checks from a check printing company, you may receive the same quality as those available through your bank at a lower price. Depending on the vendor you select to print your checks, you'll be able to choose from among several colors and designs. Check printing companies that sell wallet checks include:

  • Vistaprint: Known for its low-cost printing, Vistaprint offers a great value on custom printed checks. Prices for basic wallet checks start around $4 for 25 checks and go up to $50 for 600 checks. There's an upcharge for extras like duplicate checks, additional check registers, and addition of an accent image. A number of designs are available; just browse the options to find a style that is appropriate for your business.
  • Quickbooks/Intuit: If you use QuickBooks for bookkeeping, you might want to opt for wallet-style checks designed to print properly directly from your accounting software. These checks start at under $90 for 250 basic checks. The super-secure version is available starting just under $45 for 50 checks. They're right-sized to easily fit into a standard wallet, but come three on a page so you can easily run them through your printer. Duplicates are not available, but there is a stub attached to each check for easy record-keeping.
  • Deluxe: Specializing in financial products for small businesses, Deluxe offers compact checkbooks designed for business customers. They come in a classic solid color with same-size duplicate checks. An order of 400 checks costs under $85, including the duplicates. The smallest quantity is 100 checks; the cost is $26. Customize with your business imprint, company logo, and choice of font for no additional charge.

Information to Include on Checks

When you order business wallet checks, you'll need to specify exactly what you want printed on the checks. At a minimum, you'll want to include your company's name and mailing address. Most vendors will gladly add your company's logo, though there may be an additional charge. It's also important to make the signature requirements clear. If your account is set up to require two signatures, be sure to leave two blank spots for signatures. If this is not an option, you may be able to request the phrase "two signatures required" beneath the signature line. Otherwise, vendors will have no way of knowing that one signature is insufficient.

Business Checks and Company Image

When selecting wallet checks for your company, keep in mind that it's important to choose an option that sends the right message about your company's image. Every time you use a company check, the people who see the document may form an impression of your organization. Select a color and font that coordinate with your organization's logo, and make sure that any theme or design is consistent with the image you want your company to project.

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Business Wallet Checks