Cash Advances for Seasonal Businesses

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If you are a business owner, you've probably heard of cash advance for seasonal business loans. As the economy hangs in the balance, these loans increase in popularity. These loans have a high importance in the success of some businesses, especially when business owners rely on them to get their businesses through tough times. Knowing about these cash advance prospects is an important part of running your business, whether you have to take advantage of them at some point or not. This is not a decision you should take lightly, so you should learn as much as you can about these loans.

Outline of the Cash Advance for Seasonal Business Process

In the current economic climate, a cash advance for seasonal business is one of the more popular styles of lending. These loans are not based on the credit history of the borrower, but are instead based on the steady income of the borrower. The lenders do not particularly care if you have had trouble in the past paying back a loan; they only care if you make enough money regularly to pay back the money they are lending you. If you are bringing in the amount of money they require, they will loan you the money based on a short-term repayment plan and a fee. Unlike a bank loan in this economy, it is easy to find a loan of this nature. There are an abundant number of lenders ready to help your business out with a short-term loan. You can find many of them very easily by doing a simple search on the Internet.


The main advantage of a cash advance for seasonal business is that they do not base any of their decisions on your past history with credit. This of course means that even if you have had a terrible time in the past with loans and repaying them, you are not out of the running for the loan. The money is typically easily accessible and has minimal paperwork and red tape. This is essential when you are in desperate need of the funds and when you have a business to run. The last thing you have the time for is to complete long applications, supply large numbers of financials and defend every move your business has made in the last year. Additionally, this type of loan does not typically report to a credit bureau, which for some is a positive. If you have too many loans out, it can diminish your credit score, whether they are in good standing or not. This can be a deal breaker when applying for other types of credit. They do not want to see you have several loans out there that you must pay back.


Although the cash advance style of funding is undoubtedly an attractive prospect, there are a few things to be cautious about. These cash advance loans, while amazing and convenient, do not come without a price. You can expect to pay a fairly high fee when accepting an agreement for this type of loan. You should also expect that if, for some reason, you are unable to repay the debt on time, you will be responsible for an additional fee or fees. You have to decide if these are expenses your business is willing and able to handle. These fees vary from lender to lender and should be thoroughly researched prior to making a commitment to this loan type. Another issue to watch for is how much information you give out on the application for these loans. Unfortunately, there are some companies that take your information over the Internet and give it to others. Then you are bombarded with sales pitches from hundreds of people on the phone and in your e-mail inbox. Know who you are applying with. Do a bit of homework on the lender.

Financial Management for Year-Round Profitability

As a business owner, managing your finances through the busy seasons and the off seasons is vital to making your business thrive and last. This means you need to learn how to make the income you create during your busy season last through the rest of the year. This is the only way your business will last year after year. This is why you need to make sure the cash advance is not a regular event and that you are able to make ends meet from one season to the next. This takes a great deal of creativity and a lot of accounting knowledge. One excellent way to help you with this endeavor is to take a few elective accounting classes for business. This will give you the information you need to handle whatever comes to your business. Another thought is to work on investments for your business to help you get through those off season times. If the task still seems overwhelming to you, contacting a professional for some advice on how to maintain your business during the off season may be a good idea. The expense of meeting with a professional far outweighs the money they can save you in the long run. They are even likely to be able to give you some genuine advice about how to handle your business finances.

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Cash Advances for Seasonal Businesses