Sample Business Credit Card Use Policy

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If you own or manage a business with several employees, you may find that you need to give some employees company credit cards. This entrusts the employees with a lot of responsibility, so it's important to have a clear policy regarding the usage of such company cards.

Customizable Policy

This sample policy may be downloaded and altered as needed for your company. There are some words you need to fill in, such as specifying the name of your company and identifying the person or department to whom receipts must be given.

You will also want to carefully read the policy and delete any sections that do not pertain to your company, or that you do not want to use, and add sections that contain rules you want included but that aren't addressed in this sample.

If you need help downloading or opening the sample, take a look at these tips.

Things to Consider

Your business has separate needs from others, so you may want to customize your policy accordingly. For example, you may want to specify exactly what items an employee can purchase, rather than leaving it vague (such as "in conjunction with one's job duties").

You may even want to specify that any purchases need to be pre-approved, rather than just purchases over a specific amount (but if you do this, consider including an exception in the case of emergencies).

If your business is a government or religious business, you may also want to specify that the card may not be used for the purchase of alcohol, even on business trips.

A Legal Contract

Even though your credit card policy may seem clear, it is best to have it reviewed by your company's attorney before putting it to use. Some states may have different requirements for this type of policy - for example, some states may not let you deduct future wages in an amount that takes an employee's pay below minimum wage. Some states may just have different requirements for the signature blocks.

Either way, since this policy is intended to protect your business, you want to make sure it complies with your state's laws before using it. After it has been reviewed by an attorney and signed by all of the necessary parties, make sure you keep a copy of the signed contract in your files in case you ever need to enforce it.

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Sample Business Credit Card Use Policy