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Professional Examples of Respect in the Workplace

Professional Examples of Respect in the Workplace

It's important for individuals to behave in a respectful manner at all times and in all types of situations in the workplace. From peer-to-peer employee interactions and communication between employees and managers,… Keep reading »

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Business operations include more than the day-to-day running of a company. Operations is a broad term that encompasses corporate structure, management, and planning. Whether you're new to the business world or highly experienced, there's sure to be a topic on business operations that helps you do your job better.


Management skills may be considered part of business operations. Managers today must be flexible, organized, and focused on the bottom line. Yet they're also expected to be cheerleaders, coaches, diversity experts, and training managers. Management styles vary widely, and a smart manager adapts to both the organization he works in and the people he manages.


Ethics also form an important component of business operations. Business ethics helps guide decision-making among managers and employees. Business ethics can vary according to the local culture or custom, so that one particular set of ethics learned in the United States may not apply in Malaysia, for example, and vice versa.

Policies and Procedures

Yet another aspect of operations is setting policies, procedures and practices within the corporation to guide behavior so that the group may function optimally. A Clean desk policy, for example, helps keep the office looking organized, a must for workplaces where clients may stroll past the employees' desk. Other policies, training manuals and procedure manuals are an important part of operations too.

Business Guide

The Business Operations channel is here to guide you through the process of taking the dream of owning your own business into a reality. We will help you design a business plan and remind you to look at the little things you may not have realized were a part of managing a company. With our help, you can enter into a new enterprise informed and looking for ways to not only get your business operation off the ground but to excel as an entrepreneur.

Business Operations, Corporate Management