Administrative Assistant Day Ideas

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Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated each year on the Wednesday of the last full week in April and is the focal point of Administrative Professionals Week. Make a special effort on this day to let the administrative assistants and other office support professionals who make it easier for you to do your job know just how much they are valued and appreciated on this day of recognition.

15 Ways to Recognize Administrative Professionals

There are a number of ways to recognize the valuable members of your administrative team, and expressing appreciation is something you should do on an ongoing basis throughout the year. A few extra-special was to say "thank you" on Administrative Professionals Day include:

Five Gift Ideas

The money you spend purchasing a gift for the administrative support workers who provide assistance to you is a well-made investment. Ideas that you may want to consider include:

  • Shopping funds: A Visa or American Express gift card is a great way to provide a little extra cash that can be used any way the recipient likes. Ditto for department store or Amazon gift cards. With the high price of fuel, gas cards are also a good choice - especially for those who commute a long way to work.
  • Dining dollars: Restaurant gift certificates to your assistant's favorite dining establishment are a great way to show appreciation. Just be sure to choose a place that he or she really likes to visit. Either select a place your assistant goes frequently or choose a spot reserved for special occasions. Be sure the gift's value covers the full cost of a meal for the recipient and a guest.
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  • Enjoyable entertainment: Tickets to movies, concerts, or shows that your assistant wants to see are a great gift, as are passes to a theme park or attraction that you know he or she is planning to visit soon. If your company participates in the Tickets at Work program you may be able to buy at a discount.
  • Floral delivery: Sending flowers or a plant can be a great way to say "thanks" in a visible way that will let everyone in your office know that you appreciate your assistant.
  • Gift basket: An attractive gift basket filled with indulgent items your assistant will enjoy splurging on is a terrific way to say thanks in a visible way. Depending on the recipient's preferences consider baskets featuring gourmet coffee, fresh produce, chocolate, wine, or other appropriate items.

Five Pampering Presents

Administrative professionals spend a lot of time multitasking and making life easier for others. Recognizing their efforts with a gift of pampering is something that is sure to be appreciated.

  • Chair massages: Bring in a local massage therapist to provide in-office chair massages or foot massages on the big day.
  • Mani/pedi: If there is a mobile spa in your area, bring in nail technicians to provide on-site manicure and/or pedicure treatments on the special day.
  • Spa certificate: A spa gift certificate is sure to be appreciated, especially if the recipient can choose among a wide variety of salon services. Plus, she might find getting out of the office for pampering to be more relaxing than having services on-site.
  • Time off: If your company policy allows, it give your assistant an extra half-day or full-day off from work - with pay - to visit the spa with a certificate you purchased, or just to relax and unwind.
  • Long lunch coupons: Assuming that company policy allows, create a few custom coupons that your assistant can "cash in" for extra-long lunch hours when she needs a bit of a break.

Five Ways to Show Special Attention

If you're spearheading an effort to provide special recognition to your office's entire administrative team, a few ideas you may want to consider include:

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  • Office potluck: Have the management team contribute items to an office potluck luncheon exclusively for administrative professionals.
  • Team banquet: Host a banquet breakfast or luncheon just for administrative workers at a local restaurant or meeting facility. Alternately, you could have a catered meal brought to the office for honorees.
  • Recognition awards: Have special employee recognition awards, such as trophies or plaques, created to present to support workers in honor of their service.
  • Gratitude posters: Have a contest that involves each department creating an appreciation poster for the administrative members to display on their walls or doors.
  • Work space decorations: Decorate the desks or chairs of administrative workers in honor of the day, using a theme and items that are fun and interesting, yet also express appreciation. For example, you could create a sign that says something like "Heart of the Office" and add coordinating heart decorations paired with coordinating ornaments or novelty items.

Express Your Appreciation

These are just a few suggestions for ways to recognize the accomplishments of the administrative professionals in your life. Whether you're looking for something for your assistant or if you're in charge of coming up with a way to recognize your company's entire admin staff, there are plenty ways to get the point across. Choose one or more of these ideas, or use them as a starting point to inspire even more ideas to consider.

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Administrative Assistant Day Ideas