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Phone systems provide a business with more than just a number to call. With one of the best phone systems for businesses, you reap the benefits of complete connectedness. From having business calls 'follow you' to accessing active calls, telephony is changing rapidly. Your company will run better than ever with these phone systems.

The Six Best Phone Systems for Your Business

Your company will run better than ever with these phone systems.


Shoretel IP 480G
Shoretel IP 480G

ShoreTel makes some of the best IP phones for businesses of all types. Their product quality is recognized in the industry with awards like the Telecommunications Vendor of the Year, The IT Europa Technology Provider of the Year, The Best Telecommunication Website of 2016, and more. They offer phone systems with varying functionality based on the telephone communications needs of clients and their employees.

ShoreTel filters their phone systems by options on common areas, conferencing, executive, general office, reception/assistant, and teleworkers. ShoreTel starts at $19.99 a connection and is best for a medium to large business.


ShoreTel features you need to know about include:

  • High resolution video calling
  • Workgroup functions for each user
  • Audio conferencing with HD audio
  • Conference web portal
  • Document and video sharing
  • Take calls on other internal or external numbers
  • Silent monitoring of phone calls
  • Instant messaging with audio conferencing

Pros and Cons

The biggest pro of this system is the sheer number of features available to every user.

The biggest con of this company is the reports of customer service being poor at times. In a system review, a customer said, "The support staff knows very little about the operation of the phone. They are slow to respond and the answer is generally NO."


Mitel 5320e
Mitel 5320e

For affordability and functionality, look no further than Mitel for your company. This system is hosted on the cloud so employees working in the office, on their mobile phones, or remotely, can access the phone system. Data never goes does with Mitel because the cloud operates with centers throughout the company. According to Mitel, their cloud systems have a 99.99% uptime and if their uptime drops below this number Mitel pays users a fine!

Mitel starts at $19.99 per user. Again, this is a great medium to large-sized business option.


Features you need to need to know about include:

  • Sync to customer relationship management (CRM) programs
  • Unlimited local and long distance calls
  • Videoconferencing with a presence tool (to see who is online)
  • Company-wide call analytics
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange
  • Swap from your desk phone to your cell phone easily

Pros and Cons

With Mitel, you only pay for the features you use. This keeps your business expenses as low as possible.

A con to Mitel is the amount of time it takes to install. One customer reported "installation for multi-location has been a beast."

RingCentral Office

RingCentral Polycom 2 line
RingCentral Polycom 2 line

PC Mag chose RingCentral Office as its "Editor's Choice" for the Best Business VoIP Providers and Cloud PBX Services of 2017. With the cost of service starting at $19.99, this phone system is great for businesses of all sizes. RingCentral is listed on Forbes 2017 list of the 100 Must Trustworthy Companies for its "transparent accounting practices and concrete corporate governance."

RingCentral Office starts at $19.99 per user. This system can suit businesses of all types. It is particularly appropriate for international organizations or telework.


Notable features include:

  • Videoconferencing
  • A large network in Asia, Europe, and in the United States
  • Mobile app use on Android and iOS
  • Microsoft office integration
  • Unlimited conference calling
  • Advanced features like a developer platform

Pros and Cons

The biggest pro of RingCentral is the size of their network. Expect quality service around the world. In a recent review, a customer said, "I have used RingCentral for a number of years of my company?Great service, No surprises, Great product!"

A major con of the RingCentral system is integration problems with outside applications. Learn about integration before you make a purchase if this is important to you.



Grasshopper is a virtual phone system specifically designed for small businesses. It works with mobile and home phones, and does not require any additional equipment. The pricing structure is straightforward and the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Grasshopper starts at $12 per user per month with the addition of billing by the minute. It is perfect for home-based and other small businesses.


Features that make Grasshopper stand out include:

  • No limit on the number of extensions you can add
  • Create a directory to send clients to the right department
  • Toll-free and national numbers for a business
  • Mobile application for call tracking
  • Completely virtual system
  • Voicemails and faxes get delivered to your email

Pros and Cons

A key pro is that Grasshopper doesn't require any equipment. It is easy to start using it right away. A Better Business Bureau customer review reports "Fast and easy setup. Email support within a few minutes or a phone call away with a live person in seconds."

A con of this system is the pricing plan for the 'Pay As You Grow' Plan. You pay only $12 a month, but additional per-minute charges apply. Be sure to keep this in mind for billing.

Ooma Office

Ooma Office Business Phone System
Ooma Office Business Phone System

Ooma Office is a business phone system which is designed to be easy to use and quick to install. The maximum number of users the system can have is 20. This system boasts all of features you'd expect for an enterprise system, but it is built for small companies. In 2015, Ooma Office was elected to the San Francisco Business Times Fast 100 and in 2014 was chosen as PCMag's Business Choice award winner.

Service starts at $19.95 a month with no expensive add-ons or hidden charges. It is designed for small businesses only.


Ooma Office stands out based on the competition for these features:

  • Access to an iOS and Android app
  • Hold music with a virtual receptionist
  • Unlimited calling in Canada and the United States
  • All-inclusive prices
  • Forward a call to a few phones at once so nothing is missed
  • Keep your phone number

Pros and Cons

The largest pro of this system is the all-inclusive pricing. Every user is $19.95, and the access includes a phone number, virtual fax, and a conference. In a customer review on Amazon, an Ooma client says, "I think for the money ($20 a month) this is a fantastic solution if phone service is not business critical for you."

A con of this system includes inflexibility to go beyond 20 users if your business gets larger.



Dialpad is one of the easier systems to set up, according to PCMag. This VoIP system makes use of available technologies to give you call portability. Customers can easily get 24/7 phone and email support if you have a certain level of service.

Dialpad costs start at $15 per user, per month. This option is recommended for small or medium-sized businesses.


Some features that are major selling points of Dialpad are:

  • Integration with Google Apps and Office 365
  • Quick conferencing with internal and external participants
  • Custom greetings and music for employees
  • Respond to a caller with a text message
  • Bring-your-own-device system enabling
  • Local and toll-free phone numbers
  • Call recording available
  • Virtual auto attendant to make sure every call is answered

Pros and Cons

Integrate this system easily with other applications you use to keep your office running. This is a pro for a company needing full integration.

A con of Dialpad is the difficulty of setting up the mobile application. In a review of Dialpad, a customer said, "We have run into a couple of glitches when using with other applications and is a little buggy when integrating with Bluetooth in the car."

Phone Systems for Every Business

Adding any one of these phone systems is sure to improve how your business functions. Determine which features are important to you and go from there! Any of these phone systems provides you with the tools you need to run your business better.

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