Business Flyer Examples

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You can design your own flyers for your business.

It makes sense to check out business flyer examples before you make a final decision about using this form of advertising to promote your company.

Why Use Flyers to Promote Your Business

There are some good reasons why you should consider using flyers as a way to advertise your business.

  • Cost

Compared with the cost of taking out an ad in the local newspaper, flyers are relatively inexpensive.

  • Targeted Marketing Strategy

Once your flyers are printed, you can distribute them in a number of ways. You could have them delivered to your target market's mail boxes or leave them in public places where the population can pick them up. You can also place them on community bulletin boards or on light poles. Another strategy for distributing flyers is to place them on vehicle windshields in parking lots.

  • Get Your Customers' Attention

With flyers, you have the freedom to take your message to your customers. Place the information about what your company has to offer directly in their hands by distributing flyers on a regular basis.

Business Flyer Examples: Online Options

There are a number of business flyer examples you can see online. Here are some examples of what is available:

Xerox Flyer Templates

Xerox Office Products has a number of free, downloadable business flyer templates available. Choose a template from the collection and download it (Microsoft Word) required.

You can customize it and print it off. The multi-colored templates are available in a number of styles, including:

  • Contemporary
  • Professional
  • Color Photo
  • Black and White Photo
  • Sports (with Headline)

My Creative Shop

Visit for more business flyer examples. You can upload your own photographs, or choose from the large selection of photos available when you buy software from the site.A free tour is available, so you will have a good idea about what you are getting before you commit to buy. From tri-fold brochures to catalogs, this package lets you do it all!

HP Small and Medium Business

The HP Small and Medium Business web site is another online resource where you can download templates for flyers and brochures. Just click on the one you are interested in to download the template to your computer. To get more detail before you make a final decision, click on "Enlarge Image" to get a closer look. This site also includes downloadable templates for newsletters.

Glyphics Designs

Visit the Glyphics Designs web site to see examples of flyer templates. Once you find one you are interested in using, you pay a fee to use it. After payment has been made, you are given a link to download your choice onto your computer.

Visit a Printer

Another place to see business flyer examples is to visit your local print shop. As part of their printing services they will have examples of previous work. The fee you will be charged will depend on the number of colors you choose (more colors means higher cost) and the number of flyers you order.

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