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Expense Report

This printable, customizable expense report is easy to download and even easier to use. It accommodates up to five daily car trips, as well as other routine business expenses. When filled out online it automatically calculates totals for you, reducing the risk of potentially costly math errors.

Using the Expense Report Form

Simply double-click the image below to download the form. Instruct your employees to:

  1. Insert the dates expenses were incurred.
  2. For mileage expenses, insert the purpose of the trip as well as the beginning and ending odometer readings for each trip. The mileage will auto-calculate.
  3. Insert additional daily business expenses, such as meals or parking expenses.
  4. Daily and weekly expense reimbursement amounts will auto-calculate.
  5. Print and submit the form.
    Expense Report Form
    Click to download the free expense form


  • Mileage expenses are set to auto-calculate based on the 2013 approved Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of $.565 per mile. If your company reimburses at a different rate, simply input the appropriate amount in the Mileage Allowance row.
  • If information is entered onto a hard copy by hand, employees will have to perform their own mathematical calculations.

More Expense Reports

Plenty of other websites allow viewers to download free expense and other business reports. A few examples include:

  • Entrepreneur offers an MS Word-based report. It can be downloaded, printed, and customized but does not auto-calculate.
  • Vertex42 provides this MS Excel-based report. It too can be downloaded, printed and customized. It auto-calculates totals, but not mileage rates.

Create Your Own

If a business needs a simple expense report, it is not too difficult to create an expense form using software which is probably already installed on the business owner's computer. Programs such as Excel and even Word can be used to quickly and easily to create the perfect business expense report.

A New Generation of Expense Reporting

This is not your father's expense report! While online and hard copy expense report forms are perfectly adequate for a broad array of businesses, newer higher tech versions of expense reporting are now available as well.

  • Insperity offers both cloud and desktop solutions for employee expense reimbursements.
  • Certify offers cloud-based expense reports that allow employees who travel heavily to photograph receipts and submit travel expenses from anywhere in the world.

Keeping Accurate Records

If you are a small business owner and you do not already have a good expense form for your employees to use, it is important to get one in place as soon as possible. Keeping accurate records of expenses is an important and effective way to track business-related spending and will also make things easier when tax time rolls around.

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Download Expense Report Forms