The Engineering Company and Engineer Consulting

Engineering is a challenging field of work.

The engineering company and engineer consulting specialist can work together to help perform more efficiently while saving money in the long run.

The Engineering Company

An engineering company focuses on using engineering skills to solve problems and create cost effective solutions for their clients. When you hire an engineering firm to work for you, search for a company that looks at more than just the task at hand. They need to be able analyze the full situation.

Engineering skills include more than solving problems. It is an involved process that includes reviewing situations, analyzing the problem, coming up with a solution, and trying to predict any unforeseen issues that may arise. Because of the complexity of this multi-step process, many engineering companies also serve as a consulting company to be better prepared for the project they are about to accept.

What Is an Engineer

To understand what to look for in hiring an engineer, it helps to know what an engineer does. Look around at all the technology and conveniences in your home or office. You can thank an engineer for these modern-day creations. An engineer is someone who is professionally trained to solve technical issues using creativity, advanced technology, scientific knowledge, and problem solving skills. He often has a degree from an accredited university in one of the numerous fields of engineering.

Being an engineer is a complex career. His goal is to take a scientist's principals and apply them to everyday use to create and design, for example, buildings, vehicles, robots and computers.

The types of engineers range from:

  • Aerospace engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Structural engineers

This is just a sample of the vast fields of engineering.

Before hiring the engineering company and engineer consulting services, make sure you have narrowed down which type of engineer you need to hire. Some specialize in certain areas, while other firms may offer a broader spectrum of engineering experts.

Consulting Engineer

There are engineers whose discipline focuses primarily on consulting. If you want an outside party to evaluate your situation and serve as an advisor, specialist or manager, consider finding a consulting engineer to help you.

Many companies hire a consultant to help save both time and money, especially when you hire someone whose specialty is in a specific area. Consider writing the use of a consultant into your business plan if you feel you will need one in the near future.

The Engineering Company and Engineer Consulting

An engineer can advise you in many different areas. Before hiring a consultant, you need to know which area or areas he specializes in and where he has the majority of his experience.

Not all engineers double as consultants, so do your research. For simpler, everyday jobs, a detailed consultation may not be necessary. However, if you are taking on a big project and spending thousands of dollars, consider hiring a company who will both consult your company in what changes need to be made as well as fix them.

Jobs of an Engineering Consultant

An engineering consultant wears many hats. One job of an engineering consultant is to estimate the time and cost it will take to either create a project from scratch, fix something or enhance an existing structure. His goal is to:

  • Identify the problem
  • Understand what is broken and how it can be fixed
  • Interpret the constraints the engineers will come across ahead of time, such as angles, location, weather, building codes, design limitiation due to natural factors (such as earthquakes or flood plain)
  • Design a plan to fix the issue using the least resources and time necessary, while keeping it cost effective

Design & Drafting

If you are starting from scratch (such as building a parking ramp), an engineer will need to come up with a design for the project using the space and budget given. Once the design is agreed upon, the next step is to draft it. More engineers are using a computer assisted drawing (CAD) three-dimensional model which allows simulation and analysis.

Your Engineer

When hiring your engineer, understand what type of services you need. For example a mechanical engineer will work on machinery while an electrical engineer specializes in wiring your building.

Before finalizing your contract with the engineering company and engineer consulting firm, interview multiple firms to compare costs, timelines, and services available. Refer to previous networking you have done for referrals. Look for a firm who offers good customer service.

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The Engineering Company and Engineer Consulting