Free Louisiana Rental Agreement Forms

Rental agreement

Free Louisiana rental agreement forms are available in abundance on the Internet, but users must make sure the form they download and use is legally sufficient.

A Necessity

Capable landlords know that no matter who their renters are, a rental agreement is an absolute necessity. This means that every single renter signs an agreement form even if the renter is only using the home or apartment temporarily or if the renter is the owner's cousin, niece, son, or any other loved one. Without a proper rental agreement form in place, landlords may have a more difficult time if a bad situation turns worse with eviction proceedings.

Rental agreement forms should be in place regardless of whether the occupant is renting:

  • A house
  • An apartment
  • A trailer
  • A guest house
  • A room

It does not matter what type of domicile a person rents; if money is exchanged for a place to live, a rental agreement should be in place.

Form Specifications

Landlords can customize free Louisiana rental agreement forms to their own specifications. Rental agreements often specify:

  • Domicile Description: The domicile description includes things like the number of bathrooms and bedrooms in addition to the parking arrangements.
  • Tenant Regulations: The landlord can specify whether or not tenants can allow other people to stay at the home for an extended period of time and if pets are allowed on the premises.
  • Rental Agreement: This specifies how long the lease is in effect, and also what will happen upon the expiration date.
  • Rental Payment: The monthly amount of rent should be specified in addition to any additional fees which will be incurred for late payments.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance section specifies whether the landlord or the tenant is responsible for regular home maintenance in addition to cosmetic upgrades.
  • Utility Payments: If the landlord takes responsibility for any of the utilities, such as the monthly gas or water payment, it should be specified in writing.
  • Furnishings: If the landlord supplies appliances or furniture, each item should be listed and inventoried as part of the rental agreement.
  • Legal Disclosures: In some cases, the existence of lead paint or asbestos must be disclosed on the rental agreement form. The tenant signs the document to release the landlord of any liability of harm resulting from either of these situations.

This is not an exhaustive list as there are other items which landlords may want to include on the rental agreement forms.

Find Free Louisiana Rental Agreement Forms

Many websites offer inexpensive or free Louisiana rental agreement forms, including:

  • Smart Formz produces free previews of Louisiana rental agreement forms, but printed copies cost money. For some landlords, however, the free preview is sufficient to produce a customized rental agreement form.
  • E-Forms Online requires payment to view and download their forms, but the price is relatively low at around three dollars per form. This website has an extensive collection of various rental and lease forms, which have all been reviewed by legal professionals.

Legal Considerations

Unless a person is a seasoned landlord and understands the ins and outs of rental agreements, it is a good idea to have a legal review of a rental agreement prior to giving it to the tenants to sign. A competent attorney should be able to do a quick review and let landlords know if the form is sufficient and also suggest any changes which should be made. When it comes to renting out a residence, it certainly makes sense to take the time to make sure everything is accomplished legally and correctly.

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Free Louisiana Rental Agreement Forms