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Certain forms are par for the course when running a business to keep it on track. Whether you print these forms and use them as hard copies, or save them to your computer for online use, they will help you track inventory, manage purchases, and balance your daily cash records.

Inventory Form

The first sample is a basic inventory form. If used correctly, this form will provide you with an ongoing inventory count of each item you enter. It will also provide a visual reminder of when you need to reorder. You may use it to track things as simple as office supplies or as complex as your retail inventory. Simply click the form below to download. The LoveToKnow logo will not appear when you print the form.

If you need help downloading any of the forms, check out these helpful tips.

Free printable inventory form
Inventory form


Insert an Inventory Identification number. You may also refer to this as a part number if you prefer. It just needs to be a number that consistently refers to the particular item you are tracking.

  1. Record the name or description of the item. The description doesn't need to be detailed, but should help you remember what the Inventory ID represents.
  2. Add the total cost of the item. This should be a gross amount, including any taxes or shipping fees. Take the amount from your most recent invoice.
  3. Enter the quantity received in your last shipment of the item.
  4. Enter the date your most recent shipment arrived in the Date Received column.
  5. The Unit Price column automatically calculates the price per unit for you, if you are filling the form in on your computer. If you printed the form and are filling it in by hand, simply divide the cost by the quantity to arrive at the unit price.
  6. Enter the quantity of items you already had, before the shipment arrived, in the Quantity on Hand column.
  7. In the Quantity Sold column insert the number of items that have been used or sold. This number will need to be updated frequently to maintain an accurate inventory count.
  8. The Level column will auto-calculate to provide your current level of inventory, if you are filling the form in on your computer. If you are working from a hard copy, you will need to perform your own calculations. The formula is (Quantity Received + Quantity on Hand) - Quantity Sold = Level.
  9. Decide how low you want your inventory to go before reordering, and insert that number into the Reorder at What Level column. When that number is equal to or less than the number in the Level column, it's time to reorder the item.
  10. Insert the date of your reorder into the Date Reorder Placed column.
  11. Indicate the number of items reordered into the Quantity Ordered column.
  12. When your new shipment arrives, create a new entry following the same steps. The only difference is that you can simply take the Quantity on Hand number from the previous Level column.

Daily Cash Log

This form offers a simple way to keep a running balance of where cash goes and for what purposes it is utilized. You will need to make a new entry every time cash is added or spent, and the form will keep a running total of the cash on hand. Downloading is easy; just click the form below. The LoveToKnow logo will not appear when you print the form.

Free printable daily cash log
Daily cash log


  1. Write in the date money is added or spent.
  2. Provide a brief description of what the expenditure was used for and to whom the cash was paid.
  3. Indicate who approved the transaction.
  4. Record the amount of the deposit or withdrawal in the appropriate column. You do not need to use plusses or minuses; those are already incorporated into the form for you.
  5. If you are filling this form in on your computer, the Daily Cash Log Balance will auto calculate for you. It is visible in the bottom right section of the page.
  6. If you are using a hard copy and writing in the information by hand, you will need to perform your own calculations. Simply add any amount in the Deposit Column, or subtract any amount in the Withdrawal column from your existing balance.

Purchase Request Form

If you have too many people placing merchandise orders independently, this form should help you to put some guidelines in place. By combining orders and placing them for larger quantities, you may also be able to negotiate for better pricing. Click on the form below to download it. The LoveToKnow logo will not print on the form.

Printable purchase log
Purchase request form


  1. Ask each person requesting merchandise to fill out a separate form for each item needed. The requestor should include the date he is making the request, the date by which the item is needed, what item is needed, and why the item is needed.
  2. Next the requestor should provide a variety of sources for the item, including a store name, location, item number, description, price, and quantity. The form is designed to auto-calculate a unit price for you. This allows you to shop competitors for the best price.
  3. Once you have approved the order, forward it to a centralized person to manage the ordering process and distribute items to the appropriate employees after they arrive.

More Business Forms

Additional printable business forms that you may find helpful:

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Whatever business you are in, it's a great help to know that you don't have to create everything from scratch. Save time and energy by customizing the forms created and shared by those who have gone before you.

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Free Printable Business Forms