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The "GTD" in GTD workflow map stands for "get things done." While many of us have used "things to do" lists to help track what needs to be done and what's been accomplished, the GTD workflow concept takes the process of getting things done to a new level that reduces stress and increases productivity.

David Allen's Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

David Allen is the author of the book Getting Things Done which outlines the concept behind his work-life management system. Today, he is a popular speaker who conducts seminars to help managers and others see how to take control of their productivity, reduce stress and get things done without feeling overloaded. His GTD method is the result of more than 20 years of consulting and private coaching in organizational methods and programs, and it can be used in the workplace as well as your private life.

GTD Method

The GTD approach helps people learn how to manage productivity. It's a common sense approach that helps people step back from the overwhelming amount of things that need to be accomplished and to take inventory of every commitment. These commitments are then organized in a systematic manner that offers clear direction and focus. It not only helps identify what needs to get done but also helps highlight what not to do. The steps outlined in his book include:

  • Summarizing everything that requires your attention.
  • Defining which items need action as well as the next step needed to see it to completion.
  • Organizing a method to remind you of what needs to be done next in a condensed easy-to-follow method.
  • Keeping tasks and commitments current with reviews of what he calls the "six horizons" which are: purpose, vision, goals, areas of focus, projects, and actions.

Benefits of Implementing GTD

Many managers and other employees feel overwhelmed by all the interlacing tasks that call for their attention. Using the GTD system helps alleviate these negative feelings of overload which zap energy. IThe easy-to-follow direction replaces those negative feelings of being overwhelmed and instills a sense of confidence and energy. People following the principles for GTD can see what needs to be done next instead of feeling pulled in ten different directions. The system affords flexibility which gives managers freedom to get things accomplished in the most productive way.

GTD Workflow Map

The GTD workflow map provides a visual that clearly defines what needs to be done to gather, clarify, organize and then review everything managers are expected to get done. It's an ideal way to prioritize how best to use their time and focus their attention. It highlights the different phases of workflow with illustrated detail that gives a visual reminder of how all the tasks and commitments connect. This includes:

  • Collecting
  • Processing
  • Organizing
  • Reviewing
  • Doing
  • Criteria for Choosing
  • Horizons of Focus
  • Three-Fold Nature of Work

GTD System

Today, along with the Get Things Done Book, companies can purchase the GTD System starter kit for around $80. This starter kit offers everything needed to implement the basics of the GTD System along with a copy of the Getting Things Done book and a coupon for 25% off any GTD public seminar.

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