Handyman Business Forms

Handyman Business Forms

Whether running a handyman franchise or a self-owned handyman service, the right handyman business forms help business operations from scheduling to billing to run smoother and more efficiently.

Handyman Businesses

Handyman is a broad term that covers a variety of jobs indoors and outdoors. Handyman business services include the following and more:

Handyman Business
Carpentry Fencing, decks, porches, gazebos and play equipment, interior trim replacements, additions and repairs, fixing squeaky floors, building shelving for garages, closets or pantries, framing, ceilings, drywall and insulation, and nail pops
Cleaning Services Exterior and interior home cleaning, property cleanup, junk and debris removal, window cleaning, fireplace, driveways, patios, walks, steps
Electrical Dimmer switches, install or replace ceiling fans, remote control programming for fans, DVD and CD players televisons and surround sound systems, replace switch/outlets, label electrical panels, cabling and telephones, computer hookup
Plumbing Drain cleaning, faucets, fixtures, small leaks, clogged toilets, replace toilets, repair or install sprinklers or irrigation systems, water heaters, garbage disposals
Landscaping Maintain lawns and trees, irrigation systems, decorative walkways, landscaping
Windows and Doors Garage doors, sliding doors, window cleaning, hardware, locks, screens, window repair or installation, repairs and adjustments, doorbells
Odd jobs Hang mirrors or pictures, clean or repair gutters, painting, staining, fence or gate repair, siding, fascia or soffit repair, caulking

This list is not all-inclusive, but gives a clear picture of the scope of handyman businesses flourishing in today's economy. With such a wide scope of varying jobs, where dose a handyman find handyman business forms suited specifically to the particulars of their business?

Customized Handyman Business Forms

Using the right handyman to get the job done is important, and finding the right handyman business forms to assist in the operation of your business is just as important. Customized business forms can help save time that can better be used to increase your customer base and fill in cash flow gaps between larger jobs. Using customized forms offers the business owner choices that include company information, typestyle and logo. Customized handyman business forms can be ordered online or at your local print shop.

A few online sources include:

  • Lowes Commercial Services - Allows you to create and print custom business forms from your computer.
  • Smart Resolution - Allows you to choose from hundreds of preprinted forms and software compatible forms that can be personalize online.
  • Just Forms - If you're not sure what forms you need, Just Forms evaluates your needs to ensure that the forms you buy are compatible with your business with guaranteed results.
  • Koolprint.com - Internet marketing and sales allows them to keep overhead costs down and pass the savings directly to customers.

General Handyman Business Forms

As the table above shows, the handyman trade is varied. However, the following forms can be useful to most if not all handyman service providers.

  • Internal Job Invoice
  • Fax Cover Sheet
  • Letterhead
  • Proposal
  • Project Plan
  • Purchase Order
  • Receipt
  • Leads
  • Time Projected/Completed Review
  • Service Contracts

General Business Form Sources

Building a handyman business from the ground level takes time. At first, you may not want to put your money into customized forms. General business forms can be purchased at your local office supply or free online. In fact, a number of general business form templates can be downloaded for free from the Internet and printed from your computer.

Time and Business Forms

Most people find that managing day-to-day paperwork can quickly get out of control. Using the right form to collect information in one place is one way to cut down on filing. In some cases, business form software will allow you to keep most of your forms online and easy to find with the click of your mouse.

Work orders can be printed out to coincide with a daily schedule. Notes can be kept on the printed copy and transferred into the computer when work is completed. Files can be kept electronically, but it's important to back up your computer daily.

No matter what source you choose for your handyman business forms, find the forms that not only work with but for your business. Time saved with paperwork is time you can spend promoting your business and servicing your customers.

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Handyman Business Forms