Template of a Business Continuity Plan

Emergency Preparation Checklist

Are you looking for a business continuity plan template? While each company's plan needs to be unique, it's certainly a good idea to use a template as a guide when preparing your own document. A template can serve as a guideline for helping you decide what types of information to include and how the document should be organized.

Printable Business Continuity Plan Template

While there is no shortcut for doing the hard work involved in deciding what information and steps need to be included in your company's continuity plan, you do not have to start from a blank page when you are ready to start putting your information into a manageable format. Using a template as a formatting guide can allow you to focus on the content of your plan rather than devoting your time and energy to decide how to set up the document.

If you need help downloading the template, check out these helpful tips.

business continuity plan template
Download the business continuity plan template

Preparing Your Continuity Plan

While the template provided here is not the only way you can approach setting up your company's plan, it is one that will meet the needs of many companies. No matter what format you decide to use for your document, ensure it is divided into distinct sections, clearly written and easy to follow. Once the plan is complete, make sure it gets into the hands of key personnel and provide training on how it should be used. Revisit your plan regularly and update your strategy as needed.

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Template of a Business Continuity Plan