What Is an Assessment of Employee Report?

Assessment of Employee Report

For managers of any size business, the process and time spent managing people may lead them to ask: what is an assessment of employee report and how can it help my company?

What Is an Assessment of Employee Report and How to Use It

Today management may be flooded with resumes from well-qualified people. Employee assessment reports are tools to help sift through the qualifications in an effective method that helps employers match job requirements with the individual most qualified on a number of levels. In general, an assessment of employee report provides a specific and measurable way for help management to know who to hire and who to promote. Assessments can determine:

  • Personality
  • Strengths
  • Areas for self-development
  • Areas of concern

An integral part of this process includes a list of customized interview questions.

Types of Employee Assessments


One reason people don't stay or are unhappy in their current position is because their personality is not suited for the job. Employers want motivated, happy employees. To help achieve this, some companies use an employment type personality assessment. This type of assessment report not only helps to find the right person for the job, but down the road, the information also aids in determing the benefits of further training and development and ultimately shapes career development.Personality assessment takes into account attributes like:

  • Dominance
  • Sociability
  • Relaxation
  • Compliance

This type of testing is not limited to attributes only, but other things are taken into consideration, including the individual's personality exhibited in their present job as well as their natural personality. When combined, the assessment's results combined with the employee's natural strengths and weaknesses allows management to make an informed decision in choosing the right candidate for the job.


Along with personality, some assessments ask behavior-based questions. Behavioral testing offers a more predictable result for employers who use it to screen potential applicants. Behavior results can be confirmed by checking references from previous employers.For example, if your company is looking for an employee to work within your customer service department, behavior characteristics such a trust, tact, courtesy and flexibility is desirable. Checking references and former places of employment help confirm the assessment's findings.

To prevent turnover, job fit is important. Just as personality is a factor, companies that use behavioral assessments find that the test results help them to choose the right candidate for the job. If good communication and leadership skills are required for the job, a behavioral assessment gives an interviewer enough information to ask intelligent and pertinent questions when talking with the candidate to help determine whether they have what it takes.

Mental Aptitudes

Mental aptitude scores collected from an employee assessment are taken into consideration and compared to job requirements. Does the job description utilize the strengths reflected in the mental aptitude assessment?

Mental aptitudes taken into account in an assessment include:

  • Mental acuity
  • Business terms
  • Memory recall
  • Vocabulary
  • Numerical perception
  • Mechanical interest

Not every mental aptitude is considered for every job, but a mental aptitude assessment provides information not only for the current position and allows management to see untapped potential in the candidate and strengths to be taken into consideration in the future.

Employee Assessment Benefits

What is an assessment of employee report's benefits?

Once management completes the assessments of individuals being considered for employment or promotion, instead of going with their gut instinct, they have a measurable way to compare job candidates.

Also, by matching the job to the candidate's strengths, you'll be using your human resource capital in the most effective way, because the information available through the assessment allows you to offer the job to the best qualified person and limits hiring mistakes. When assessment reports are used duringhiring or promoting, employee turnover drops because the employee is happier in his position, and management is satisfied with the job performance. In many cases, when assessments are used before hiring, employees go on to become top-performers.

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What Is an Assessment of Employee Report?