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If you're planning to start a business, you'll want to conduct a business name search before deciding what to call your company. For those who plan to incorporate, registration of the official name of your business will be required in your home state. While requirements vary from state to state, this is also typically true for corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and some forms of partnerships.

Many states require that name reservation forms be filed in advance of registration, so that state officials may verify that the name is available and compliant with applicable regulations. Requirements for reserving and registering names vary from state to state, so you'll need to check with the office of the Secretary of State, or other entity that oversees business filings, in your state before you actually choose a name for your enterprise.

If your business is a sole proprietorship, your legal name will be used as the official business name. Many corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships actually do business under names other than their legal names. The requirements for registering fictitious, trade, or DBA (doing business as) names vary from one state to another.

State by State Business Name Search Resources

Trying to find out if the business name you want to use is available in your state? The following links will take you directly to each state's official resource for verifying name availability. You'll also find the information you need to reserve a name and/or register your business via these links.

After the Business Name Search

Once you've determined whether or not the business name you want to utilize is available, you'll be able to proceed with filing the appropriate paperwork necessary to get your new business venture up and running.

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Business Name Search