Example of an Executive Summary

Executive Summary Sample

The executive summary is a critical component of any business plan. By reviewing a sample of a completed summary, you get a sense of what should be included in this important section of your business plan.

Printable Sample Executive Summary

The sample document is provided as a printable so that you can get a clear idea of how to format your executive summary as well as gain insight into the type of information that can be included.

Accessing the Document

To access the example, simply click the image. When you do, the complete document will open as a printable PDF file that you can review on your screen, print to peruse later, or save to your computer or another digital storage device to access at a later time. Simply use the commands in the "File" menu to make your selection.

If you need help downloading the printable, check out these helpful tips.

Using the Document

While the information provided in the sample summary isn't likely to apply to your situation, reviewing it will help you get a sense of:

  • What sections should be included
  • How to set up your document for maximum visual appeal
  • How to approach writing a similar document for your organization.

Keep in mind that the objective of an executive summary is to give readers a good overview of what's included in the complete business plan in a way that will intrigue them to want to learn more.

Executive Summary Sample Document
Click to download a sample executive summary.

Additional Document Samples

While the document presented above is a good example of this type of document, it's not the only option. You may want to peruse a few additional examples before you start drafting your own. A few resources where you can find quality executive summaries to review include:

  • DocStoc.com: This example from DocStoc.com provides a good reference point for a longer, more detailed summary with an elaborate cover page. Even though the document features three full pages of text, its structure is clean and crisp, making it an easy-to-read and informative approach. The bolding helps to make points and draws the reader further into the document.
  • VentureCapital.org: The sample provided here is a model of an executive summary written for a business plan that's designed to appeal to potential investors. It's a good go-by for entrepreneurs and business managers who are in the process of seeking funding for a new venture or expansion.
  • Business-Plans-Guide.com: This site is very helpful because it provides an example of a good summary, as well as one that is ineffective. Reviewing the poorly constructed plan can provide you with insight into what to avoid. The good example features a different layout than the others discussed here. While it is not formatted in a manner that is as skimmable as the other examples, it's a good illustration of a detailed, content-rich summary.

Preparing to Write

Now that you have seen a few executive summary examples, the next step is to take this information and apply it to your own business. You should never copy a sample. Every word of the summary - and the business plan as a whole - must be specific to your business.

The executive summary should be the last thing that you write, even though it will become the first section of your business plan. After all, until you have the plan completely laid out, you won't know what information needs to be highlighted in the summary.

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Example of an Executive Summary