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Internet Cafe business guides provide resources for people considering going into the Cyber Café business, or for those looking for ideas to enhance their existing internet café business.

Internet Café Business Guide Offers Critical Insights

The authors of the Internet Café Guide decided to write their guide to pass on their special knowledge and experience. In it they pass on previously undisclosed secrets critical to success as well as other industry-specific information. This guide is useful whether you plan on opening a café with only two computers or a cyber café with more that 50 computers.

This comprehensive guide covers every aspect of opening and running an internet café business. Here are a handful of the topics you'll find:

  • Picking the right location
  • Layout and décor
  • Food and beverage services to offer
  • Espresso Bar
  • Calculating charges for computer time
  • What computer equipment to buy
  • Establishing the most efficient wireless network

Along with this helpful insight, this guide also offers pointers on how to bring in additional profit by using peripheral equipment like:

  • Printers
  • Photocopying
  • Faxing
  • Scanners
  • Telephone services

Extra services like offering classes can also bring in additional income. This service can include classes to help people understand how to use the computer and can be offered as internet programs.

Buying the Right Software

Internet café owners need software specific to their industry. It should provide features like:

  • Billing and income control
  • Locks unused computers
  • Generates detailed reports and statistics
  • Supports various password-protected employee accounts
  • Processes payments efficiently
  • Affordable price
  • User friendly
  • Suitable for Internet and gaming centers
  • System security
  • Remote client controlling and monitoring

Make It Comfortable

When choosing the furniture for your internet café business, make it comfortable. Your customers' comfort will be almost as important as the services you provide if you expect them to return on a regular basis.

Other Specialty Services to Offer

When writing the business plan for your internet café business, or if you're looking to increase your profit margin in your established business, you can add to your earnings by adding specialty services to the list of features offered to your clientele. These can include items such as:

  • Internet gaming
  • Video conferencing
  • Digital camera services
  • Resume services
  • Remote e-mail access for travelers

Internet Café Franchises

When setting up internet cafe terminals it will take a big chunk out of your investment capital. To avoid this, you can look into internet café franchises. In the case of franchises, most often the franchise negotiates a discounted price with a wholesaler for the computer terminals needed. Such Internet cafe franchises offer popular start-up business opportunities for those interested in owning their own internet café business. The following franchises are provided to get your started:

Take Advantage of the Guide

If you made the decision that an internet café is the business is for you, take the time to pick up a copy of the Internet Café Business Guide. It is available in print or in a pdf format. Look into the advantages of starting your own business or buying into a franchise. Weigh your options, draw up you business plan and you'll soon be ready to open your doors to the public.

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Internet Cafe Business Guide