Law Enforcement and Consulting Firm

Law enforcement.

Law enforcement and consulting firms can work together to create a more efficient method of providing civil service to your city.

Law Enforcement and Consulting Firm

Most successful businesses hire a consulting firm to help build their business. A law enforcement agency runs like a business and should be treated like one. You may consider hiring a consulting firm to rewrite or draft procedure, improve your training program, enhance employee motivation, create an emergency response plan, or overhaul your office.

An element of chaos exists within any work place. Law enforcement agencies are no different. There are numerous departments to keep track of, lots of employees, and many rules that may not be black and white. A consulting firm is a great way to redefine the rules and make the office work stronger and more efficeintly. In fact, when law enforcement and consulting firms get together to discuss and improve policies for their office and city, it can save taxpayers money.

Finding a Consulting Firm

If you work in law enforcement, it's important to find the right consulting firm to come into your office to make changes. Many firms specialize in writing professional procedures and rules as well as provide necessary training. Know what area you need the most help in before you begin your search.

Finding a consulting firm to fit your needs can be challenging. Take time and research your options. One of the best ways to locate the right firm is to confer with other law enforcement agencies who have gone through the consulting process.

Different firms specialize in diverse areas. For example, the Worldwide Law Enforcement Consulting Group, Inc. in New York offers numerous services to help with law enforcement policies and training. The different law enforcement divisions with which they work include:

  • Narcotics Investigations
  • Internal Affairs
  • Undercover Officer Operations
  • Departmental Vehicle Usage
  • De-Confliction
  • Vice Unit Operations
  • Search Warrant Investigations And Executions
  • Working With Other Agencies-- Memorandums Of Understanding
  • Personnel Issues
  • Firearms Usage Guidelines
  • Tactical Procedures
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • School Safety Plans
  • Payroll Management Issues
  • Computer Related Issues
  • Uniform Regulations
  • Vehicle Pursuits

Other services they offer include:

  • Evaluation of your existing manual, departmental rules, regulations, and guidelines
  • Assessment of what changes should be made to protect officers' lives
  • Assessment of how to save your department from costly liability and lawsuits
  • Creating new guidelines for officer and supervisory personnel which will provide distinctive assignments of responsibilities. This includes providing a consistent manner in which personnel operate.
  • After-consultation support is provided to re-evaluate procedures on a regular basis and make recommendations as needs arise
  • Presentation with members of your department or organization to help implement new guidelines and recommendations

Needs Assessment

A needs assessment takes a closer look at individual departments. Consulting firms like this can help the departments you feel are not functioning properly. The assessment will consist of:

  • Employee breakdown
  • Analysis of current operating guidelines
  • Feasibility study or strategic plan
  • Analysis of local laws pertaining to law enforcement operations

How it Works

A consulting firm will customize their services to meet the needs of your company. Once you find who you want to work with, review their list of services. Prioritize the needs of your office. Use your budget to determine which ones you will address this year. Plan on budgeting consulting services into your financial plan. The consultant will come and observe your employees and procedures. He will most likely ask to review your expense reports, employee records, complaints, and other important paperwork before he begins the consultation. Expect it to be an ongoing process. Review the processes the consultant teaches you and continue to streamline your office.

Hiring a Consultant in a Lawsuit

If you or one of your officers is involved in a lawsuit, consider hiring a consulting firm to help review the laws and testify in your behalf. Part of this service includes creating a testimony which can be used in court. This key testimony can help your department win.

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Law Enforcement and Consulting Firm