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Following a sample lawncare business plan can aid in writing your own plan for your lawncare business. Often people think the only purpose for a business plan is to help in getting the investment capital you need. However, a business plan provides a lot more than that. It also helps you, as the business owner, to clarify your objectives and sets targets to be accomplished. Lawncare service has grown into a huge business, and in some places like Florida and California, it provides year-round employment.

Why Write a Business Plan for Your Lawncare Business?

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to writing a business plan for your lawncare service, consider buying a book like Start Your Own Lawn Care Service! A written business plan plays an important role on more than one level. In fact, if you do plan to seek funding for your business you'll need to have a written business plan. That's a given. However, it is also a great way to map out a complete strategy including:

  • financial ratios
  • key performance indicators
  • timing schedules
  • personnel requirements
  • marketing tactics
  • operating procedures
  • funding sources

Outline Your Marketing Plan

Getting clients for your lawncare business is the lifeblood to success. Outline your marketing plan within your lawncare business plan. How will you market your business so that it stands out from others? Here are a few items you can use:

  • Key people who will vouch that they will hire you
  • Sample ads
  • Promotional pieces
  • Use your background to show off your experience

Tips for Developing a Lawncare Business Plan of Action

As you write your business plan, you'll want to include specific information regarding your business budget, goals, and a plan of action. To develop a business plan, start by putting together a list of services you plan to offer. Will your lawncare service business include extras like cleaning leaves from gutters, or will it strictly adhere to lawncare? Here are other items to consider:

  • Choosing a Name and Logo - Choosing the right name and logo for your lawncare business can help build your business.
  • Equipment - Make a list of the equipment you'll need for your business along with a detailed list of supplies. Be sure to get prices from more than one source. The heaviest equipment like industrial mowers can be leased or bought used to cut start-up costs.
  • Develop a budget - The financial part of your business plan will include a prospective start up budget that lists what you plan to charge for services along with the projected profits. Also include expenses. Get prices from at least two wholesale garden centers for things like bedding plants, decorative stone, etc. One thing to factor in for a lawncare business budget is the seasonal nature of work flow.
  • Draw up a prospect list of customers you plan to target. Also make a list of clients already interested in your lawn care services. If you already have a small lawncare business and are ready to expand, you'll have a history to include in your plan.

What to Include in Your Business Plan

  • Executive Summary - This is the vision for your lawncare business. Define your intended business. It should be a concise outline of business purpose and goals. Stay focused on the market you plan to target and serve.
  • People - People are an essential ingredient for a successful business. For a lawncare business you are a key player. Focus on your lawncare experience and how it applies to your business. Be factual and don't exaggerate. This part of your Business Plan will be scrutinized by lenders, investors and vendors.
  • Marketing Plan - Include marketing and expansion plans.
  • Operations - Define your lawncare business and how you plan to run it.
  • Financial Plan -- Include a one-year cash flow plan that includes potential problems and how you would handle them. Pricing is an important aspect when writing your business plan. Consumers will look for the best price. To learn what the best price is, you'll have to do some research relative to other lawncare businesses that service your area. As you develop your financial plan call your competitors and ask for general price quotes.
  • Education -- Include plans to learn more about your business. If there isn't a resource near you, you can take an online course like the Free Course on Starting a Lawn Care Business

Resources for Sample Lawncare Business Plans

If you're looking for sample lawncare business plans to follow as your write your own, the following links provide lawncare business plan samples to walk you through the process:


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