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Business Slogans

Business Slogans

Business slogans are short phrases that serve as a representation of your company, generally without specifically naming the business. Well-written slogans invoke feelings and ideas about your company that are… Keep reading »

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Sometimes learning about the ins and outs of running a successful business like taxes, finances, marketing and human resources can be more than a bit dry. Business slideshows present information in an easy-to-digest format that can improve your learning retention as well as spark creative new ideas. If you haven't tried learning about business topics in this way before, you may find it's an intriguing method that beats reading lots of heavy and deep text.

Job Hunting Help

Looking for a job can be very intimidating, especially if it is your first job or you're searching for that "dream job" and your performance on interviews and a top-notch resume is absolutely critical to your success. One aspect of interviews that is often overlooked by job seekers is the value of knowing how to interview others. Learning this skill can impress an interviewer who will be pleased to see you asking questions and showing a serious interest in their company.

Business Communications Basics

Learning how to write a clearly reasoned and effective memo is a skill that employers will cherish. It's especially desirable in anyone working in an administrative capacity and can help you get bosses to take notice when they're considering promotion opportunities. Learning more about other forms of business communications, including social media, viral marketing and advertising can also boost your career.

Developing Employees

Many employees will agree that business owners and managers are often too busy to think about developing employees. The return on this "investment" in one's people can be huge, including increased profits, productivity and higher employee loyalty. Employees can easily become demotivated if their work isn't valued and there's little option for improvement or advancement. Employee turnover costs businesses time and money and investing in one's employees pays off.

Getting Started in Business

Creating your own business, whether you're a solo entrepreneur or you are bringing on employees can be a stressful endeavor. It also requires capital and there are many ideas you can look into for raising funds and gaining financing from banks and investors. If you don't plan ahead and effectively market your business and get control of finances, you may find yourself in the position of closing your dream company.

Learning About Business Visually

Using business slideshows to explore topics in the business world can be a fun way to learn about concepts. You can find slideshows on business topics as disparate as the norms of Japanese business culture or retail marketing ideas. So take some time to enjoy learning visually with a cup of coffee at your business desk!

Business Tips in Photos