Basic Business Office Supplies

Basic Office Supplies

Whether you work from home, operate a small business or run a large corporation, basic office supplies help keep things organized and provide the materials you need to get the job done.

Pens and Other Writing Instruments

Among some of the most basic business office supplies are little things easily taken for granted like pens and paper. Pens are used for everything from jotting down a phone message to signing a business letter. When buying pens, note that blue ink does not always copy as well as black ink when making copies. However, blue ink is most often used to sign legal documents. Desktop penholders or drawer organizers provide a place for pens so they are easily found when needed.

Paper Products

The increased use of computers has cut the use of paper, but paper products like notepads, message pads, and sticky notes are used in a number of ways in day-to-day business activities. Along with these functional paper products, reams of paper are needed for computers and copy machines. Envelopes should also be stocked for mailing letters.

Desk Supplies

Stocking your desk with basic supplies keeps frequently used items within easy reach. Each desk should be equipped with:

  • In and Out Trays
  • Letter opener
  • Paper clips and holder
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Tape and dispenser


Those who are computer savvy or use a portable electronic device may not need a calendar to keep them organized, but many people still benefit from having an old-fashioned calendar on hand to jot down reminders and to see the week or month ahead to help meet deadlines and keep appointments.

File Cabinet

File cabinets are used to keep papers organized. The most common type is the vertical filing cabinet which can house letter- or legal-size documents.

Waste Basket and Paper Shredder

Each desk should be equipped with a waste basket to help keep the workspace uncluttered. Along with a waste basket, however, in today's business world a paper shredder is also needed to protect proprietary and sensitive information by shredding it before it is discarded.

Organized and Uncluttered Office

Basic business supplies help keep an office organized and uncluttered. The right supplies prevent lost phone messages as well as other delays in meeting customer needs. When everything has a place, time is not lost searching for a stapler, a roll of tape or an important document. Lost minutes add up. The right supplies can help prevent that. Manage time wisely in your office with the right supplies.

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Basic Business Office Supplies