Demotivators in the Workplace

Demotivators Hurt the Company

Demotivators in the workplace get in the way of employees performing at their best. Companies who want to stay profitable rely on their workers to put forth their best effort. Failing to address factors that get in the way of employees performing well have a direct effect on the company's bottom line.

Lack of Specific Goals

If an employee doesn't know what is expected of them, how do they know whether they are performing well on the job? A clear job description can help the worker understand what their role in the company is.

Office Politics

A person may spend more time interacting with the people they work with than their own families. When employees are rewarded based on favoritism, it creates an atmosphere the discouraging others from contributing fully.

Lack of Feedback

The "no news is good news" approach to management is not a good policy. For employees to stay motivated, they need to get regular feedback that tells them when they are performing well and information about issues they need to correct.

Heavy Workload

Too much work creates stress for employees and results in lower productivity. Companies are increasingly expecting workers to do more without providing recognition or rewards for doing so.

Lack of Recognition

Recognizing an employee for a job well done in front of his or her peers doesn't have to cost the employer a lot of money. An announcement in a company newsletter or offering a gift or bonus to the "employee of the month" is a way to reward star performers and motivate others to do well.

Salary Isssues

Employers should ensure that the monetary compensation they are paying is competitive. Offering a fair rate of pay is an effective strategy for attracting and retaining quality workers.


Lack of control on the job is a common source of stress for employees. Having a manager who doesn't let them focus on their job duties is one of the most common demotivators in the workplace.

Positive Change is Possible

Good management practices can combat demotivators in the workplace before they impact the bottom line. Here are some additional resources to help you:

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Demotivators in the Workplace