Retail Marketing Ideas

Retail Marketing Ideas

Brainstorming new retail marketing ideas can help your business increase sales. Although many business owners believe marketing is expensive, effective methods of marketing are often affordable. Be creative and use proven methods for the best results.

Business Cards

Giving business cards to prospective clients is an easy way to draw in business. On the back of the card, list the services you offer, especially services your business offers that others do not. Hand out to customers daily. Ask customers to hand these out to friends and family, too. Business cards are inexpensive but a constant reminder of your services for customers.

Create a Giveaway

A giveaway can help you collect names, email addresses and mailing addresses of clients. It gets people interested. Give away a gift certificate or a product from your retail shop to keep costs down. Advertise the giveaway to draw customers in to your business. Ask permission to use the customers' contact information for future marketing efforts.

Market Online

Even small retail outlets benefit from having a business website. You do not have to sell products online, but rather can use a website or blog to market your business's location, products and services to local customers. Get listed with services such as Yahoo Local, Bing and Google Maps. An inexpensive blog can provide resource information, tips and how-to projects as well.

Create Monthly How-To Programs

Create and advertise a program to teach customers something related to your retail business or products. If you own a small hardware shop, for example, a hardware class teaching how to build something can get customers in the door. A fabric store may offer sewing or quilting classes. Programs for children or adults appeal to multiple audiences and attract a larger crowd.

Television Commercials

Advertising through local television broadcasting is still an option. Many local cable providers can help small businesses create commercials for marketing products, services or the business itself. Ask local production companies, or even a production company through a local community college to help you create an effective commercial for your business.

Product Advertising

Promotional products are a fun and affordable way to advertise a retail business. Give away cups, caps or T-shirts with your business's name and logo. Give these away and have employees wear them. Everyone enjoys a free T-shirt, and they help to promote your business. You can customize a variety of unique products. Give away small keychains if you own a hardware retail store. A fashionable bag with your company's logo works as a promotional product for your boutique.

Chamber of Commerce

Numerous options can work for your business. Within the community, join the local Chamber of Commerce. This organization recommends member businesses to local companies and individuals who need a service. For more ideas, consider a viral marketing approach to market your business.

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Retail Marketing Ideas