Role of the Administrative Assistant

Role of Administrative Assistant

Are you wondering what is involved in the role of an administrative assistant? While the exact job duties performed by administrative professionals vary from one company to another, there are a number of tasks people who hold these types of jobs can expect to perform on a regular basis.

Event Planning

Administrative professionals often spend a good bit of time planning and organizing meetings and special events for their companies. They may be responsible for putting together employee outings, trade show participation details, stockholder meetings, special promotions, and other types of events.

Data Entry

Administrative assistants generally perform a variety of data entry functions from inputting information about new hires into the company's information processing system to entering contact information for prospective customers into the company's marketing database system.

Conducting Research

Managers and executives frequently ask administrative assistants to conduct important research projects. Requested tasks could include prospecting for new customers, looking up legal regulations, looking for qualified vendors, and more.

Word Processing

Administrative professionals frequently handle a variety of word processing responsibilities, including typing letters and other documents, formatting flyers and certificates, preparing reports and proposals, and other similar tasks.

Schedule Management

Administrative professionals often manage schedules for managers and executives in their companies. Duties may involve setting appointments with customers and employees, making travel arrangements, and more.


Publicity tasks are sometimes handled by administrative assistants. Duties often include writing press releases and submitting them to traditional and online media outlets, tracking published pieces, and engaging in social networking activities for the business.

Managing Customer Relationships

Administrative assistants frequently play a role in managing customer relationships. They often greet customers when they arrive at the company for meetings as well as interact with them by telephone and email.

Payables and Receivables

In some companies, administrative assistants are responsible for invoicing customers and processing bills received for payment.

Multiple Responsibilities

No two days are ever exactly the same for an administrative professional! These types of jobs require excellent organizational skills and multitasking ability. After all, administrative assistants must be comfortable juggling a variety of responsibilities, from writing business thank you notes to conducting interviews, and much more.

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Role of the Administrative Assistant