Career Objectives for Modern Fashion

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A number of career objectives for modern fashion students are available. Prospective students may choose to major in:

  • Fashion Design
  • Accessory Design
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Fashion Production

Students who choose to study modern fashion have a number of traits in common. They must be creative, possess a good eye for color, and have the savvy to consider not only what consumers want to wear now, but what they will want to wear in the future. Trying to predict what the buying public will find attractive at least a season in advance is not an easy task to accomplish, but graduates of modern fashion programs are given the tools needed to cater to the public's need for up-to-the-minute clothing choices.

Career Objectives for Modern Fashion Design

If you choose to pursue a fashion design program, you will learn how to design clothing using both traditional methods and computer-generated images. Students in such a program will have the opportunity the develop their individual sense of style. Some fashion designers will work on an entire line of clothing, while others will focus on a specific type of apparel (sportswear, swimsuits, etc.). The fashion designer takes the necessary steps to stay up-to-date on fashion trends. Depending on the place of employment, he or she may prepare sketches by hand or with the aid of specialized software. The designer is responsible for the preparation of patterns to make up samples, including the selection of appropriate fabrics and colors. Designers who are self-employed may also be involved in marketing their own line of clothing.

Accessory Design

Accessory designers specialize in such items as jewelry, hats, umbrellas, shoes, boots, eye wear, and hosiery. They start their education in modern fashion learning basic design techniques. After achieving a good foundation in these core topics, they move on to learn the specific techniques required to design functional yet stylish items. They may work with fabrics, stones, or metals in the course of their work.

Fashion Marketing

Fashion marketing students learn the concepts associated with displaying fashion merchandise. Through their studies, they become familiar with the retail end of fashion, including store management and buying. Graduates of this program can put window dresser, stylist, or store management trainee on their resumes as a career objective for modern fashion.

Visual Merchandising

The visual merchandising graduate is charged with creating eye-catching fashion displays. They want to display a retailer's goods in a way that creates potential customer interest. If the visual merchandiser has done his or her job, the customer will stop to examine the display and be interested enough to enter the store. Ideally, this interest will turn the incipient customer into an actual one.

Fashion Production

A program in fashion production focuses on teaching the skills necessary to bring an article of clothing from the idea stage to a finished garment. Students learn how to draw sketches and make patterns. They also learn how to select fabric for their designs. Fashion production students also learn about the business side of the fashion industry; they develop the skills needed to interact effectively with manufacturing and distribution companies. Graduates of this program can work as costume designers, fashion buyers, or designers.

When considering career objectives for modern fashion, there are a number of choices available to students. Fashion design is only one aspect of this exciting industry. If you are interested in fashion as an outlet for your creativity, do consider all the possibilities before making your final decision on a career.

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Career Objectives for Modern Fashion