Customer Service Resume Samples

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If you're finding customer service resumes samples that seem pretty basic simply because of the job title, hopefully this article will provide a new way of thinking.

Tips for Customer Service Resumes

Just because a job has the title of cashier or front desk supervisor doesn't mean your customer service abilities can't shine through. After all, what's behind the job title? It's more than people skills. Many individuals in customer service positions handle a variety of integral business operation tasks, so that's what the resume should reflect.

Show Employers What You'll Do for Them

Using a valuable tool such as an objective or a summary of qualifications at the beginning of the resume lets the employer know right away what you can do for them. Sure, you may want a management position, but frankly, that won't be an employer's first thought when reviewing your skills. Keep the objective or list of qualifications brief and to the point as to how your abilities will benefit the company.

If you're applying for a customer service position, be sure your resume reflects all your advances and accomplishments in customer service. A general "assembly-line" resume is not an effective way to show the prospective company how your skills will make you a good employee.

Basic Guidelines

Here are the basic guidelines for a customer service resume.

  • Use active, descriptive wording. Don't hide behind the job title. Detail your accomplishments so the employer understands the duties you performed. The example below highlights one way this can be done.
  • Use keywords found in the position and advertisement. This shows you've paid attention to the employer's needs.
  • Keep it to one page. Customer service is not a technical profession that requires a long resume. Choose your wording carefully to have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of scan time.
  • Check for typos. This is vital. Have two or three other people review your resume before finalizing it.

Sample of a Customer Service Resume

This customer service resume sample shows how someone who's had a variety of jobs can still demonstrate what they've learned in customer service and how that will be of benefit to the prospective employer.

customer service resume template
Download the customer service resume template.

What Format and Layout Style Work Best?

Remember, many companies place one ad and literally receive hundreds of resumes in response. If you apply online, those odds increase dramatically. Unfortunately, there's not a magic wand to wave to change this. Whatever keeps the reviewer's eye moving over key points is the best format to use.

With many customer service positions, employers are interested in an applicant's stability and increased job responsibilities. If your resume reflects these qualities in a professional manner, you'll increase the chances of being called for an interview.

Layout fluctuates based on personal preference. Print off a few customer service resume samples that appeal to you. Don't get fancy with fonts and graphic breaks - the easier it is to read, the better.

Write A Sharp Cover Letter

The cover letter is an introduction that allows you to further demonstrate how your abilities will benefit the company and let some of your personality shine through. Professionalism is the number one rule, followed by using advertisement keywords and checking for typos.

If you're not certain what to say or how to say it, many libraries carry a wide range of books with cover letter samples that can help you get started.

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Customer Service Resume Samples