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Are you looking for lectures for new entrepreneurs? If you are planning to start a small business or if you have recently opened your own company, it's certainly a good idea to take time to learn the skills necessary to build a successful enterprise.

Sources for Lectures for New Entrepreneurs

Many Chambers of Commerce, Women's Business Centers, Small Business Development Centers, and business training companies provide training opportunities designed to help small business owners master skills necessary to start and run successful companies.

Chamber of Commerce

Most cities and towns have Chamber of Commerce organizations that small business owners can join. These organizations focus on economic development for the communities in which they operate as well as provide support and services that help member companies grow. Chambers typically offer a number of business development programs, including networking events, trade show expos, affordable marketing opportunities, and lectures for new entrepreneurs and experienced professionals on a variety of topics.

Services provided by the Chambers of Commerce are typically available only to members or are provided to members at significantly discounted rates. There are plenty of benefits associated with a Chamber of Commerce membership. If you plan to open a new business, or if you have already become an entrepreneur, you'll likely find the cost of dues to be well worth the cost of membership. To find the Chamber of Commerce in your area, visit the Chamber Directory Search Page on the United States Chamber of Commerce websites.

Women's Business Center

Women's Business Center (WBC) organizations located throughout the United States are overseen by The Office of Women's Business Ownership (OWBO) of the Small Business Administration (SBA). They provide a variety of technical assistance services to entrepreneurs, including women and others who are interested in learning how to become successful entrepreneurs.Training opportunities provided by WBCs often focus on topics like business planning, applying for funding, small business marketing and operations, and more. You can find a on directory of WBC locations the SBA's website. Contact the organization in your area to find out what types of lectures, counseling services, and other forms of assistance may be available to you.

Small Business Development Centers

The SBA also operates regional Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) throughout the U.S. Typically associated with a university or community college campus, SBDCs provide training opportunities, individual counseling, and other services to small business owners and individuals interested in becoming entrepreneurs.Use the SBDC Locator page on the SBA's website to locate the center in your area. Lectures of new entrepreneurs and other services provided varies from one SBDC to another. Once you find a convention office near your location, make contact with a representative to find out what opportunities are available that might be beneficial to you.

Business Training Companies

Separate from Chambers of Commerce and small business support organizations established by the SBA, many private companies provide training opportunities for small business owners. Local business training companies operating in or near the community where you live may offer lectures for new entrepreneurs. Additionally, many national training providers offer seminars in workshops in cities around the country. It's also often possible to find audio conference and webinar lectures that provide the information you need to get your new business off the ground or to operate your company more effectively.Resources for finding business training opportunities in your local area or via audio conference or webinar formats include:

Professional Development Is Key to Success

As a new entrepreneur, recognizing that you need to continue to grow and develop as a professional is a key to success. Even after your business has been up and running for a period of time, you can always benefit from brushing up skills you have and learning more about the areas of business operations outside of your areas of expertise.

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Lectures for New Entrepreneurs