Sample Resume for a Student

Sample Resumes

Writing your first resume can be tricky. Whether you need a resume to apply for a job, to submit with a scholarship application, or for some other purpose, using the sample documents provided here as a starting point can help simplify the process of creating a resume that uniquely highlights your skills and abilities.

Two Types of Student Resumes

Because students do not have the same length of experience in the job world as more experienced applicants, most student resumes focus on (1) academic qualifications, or (2) skills that set the applicant apart. Printable templates for both types of resumes are provided here. Use them as a format and content guide, being sure to follow key tips for writing a good resume.

To access either template, click the corresponding image. The document will open in a separate window or tab as a PDF file that can be edited, saved, and printed. Click anywhere in the document to make your edits, being sure to save your work along the way. If you need any assistance working with the document, see this guide to Adobe printables.

Academic Resume

An academic resume focuses on the student's academic accomplishments. The emphasis is on school work, grades, and academic honors, though you can include other types of activities and experience, as well. Use this type of resume if you are applying for work in which you will use your academic background, as well as if you are applying for an academic scholarship.

academic resume template
Click to download an academic resume template.

Skill-Based Student Resume

A skill-based student resume highlights special skills and qualifications. Skills to emphasize include rapid typing, filing abilities, special computer programming knowledge, first aid courses or special training, or any other skills that you have. The emphasis is on what you know how to do as opposed to what you have studied. Use this type of resume if you are applying for an opportunity that requires specific skills you have mastered.

skill-based student resume
Click to download a skill-based student resume template.

Finalizing Your Resume

Before finalizing your resume, be sure it presents you in an appropriate light. Proof it carefully, being sure that there are no errors and be certain it clearly conveys your unique characteristics in a manner that will encourage recipients to want to learn more about you.

The time you spend making sure you have a good resume now will serve you well into the future. Once you have a final resume you like, you will be able to edit it to use for different purposes as you move forward with your education and into your career. For example, you will be able to customize the objective for various opportunities, as well as add skills, coursework, experience, awards, and other accomplishments as needed.

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Sample Resume for a Student