Employee Timesheets

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Timesheets provide a fairly simple way for employees to keep track of the time they work. This is important for payroll purposes and, depending on the nature of your company, timesheets may also provide a way to keep up with how much time to bill to certain customers or projects. Whatever your timekeeping needs, one of the employee timesheet templates provided here may be exactly what you need.

Employee Timesheet Templates

The timesheet templates provided here are easy to use. Simply click the image of the template that best meets your needs to open the document as a PDF template. If you need assistance with the file, see the guide to Adobe printables for helpful information.

Once the file is open, you'll need to click in the appropriate areas to adjust the company name, add your logo, and make any other changes necessary (such as adding rows using the '+' and '-' signs where provided). When your edits are complete, save it. Either provide your employees with an electronic file or paper copies that they can use to keep track of the time that they work.

The PDF templates are fill-in forms, so if you do provide the form to workers electronically, they can use their computer to enter information into any of the highlighted areas.

Daily Individual Timesheet

This template is appropriate if you need a timesheet for individual employees that can be used for tracking total time for payroll purposes as well as time spent on specific tasks, projects or clients for invoicing purposes.

daily individual timesheet printable pdf
Download a daily individual timesheet.

Weekly Employee Timesheet

This template is designed to be used for companies that need separate timesheets from individual employees, but there is no need to keep track of specific activities workers spend their time on throughout the day. It is designed specifically for timekeeping purposes.

weekly employee timesheet printable pdf
Click to download a weekly employee timesheet.

Daily Group Timesheet

This timesheet is made for work crews where individual employees sign in and out on the same timesheet. If you choose this option, you won't need to give the document to each worker. Instead, you will need to provide the document to the person who oversees the crew, such as the supervisor, crew chief or superintendent.

daily group timesheet printable pdf
Download a daily group timesheet.

Keeping Track of Employee Time

Whether you choose one of these timesheet templates or if you decide to go with a time clock or technology-based timekeeping system (such as swipe cards or computerized time tracking), it's very important to capture accurate records of the time that your employees spend working. These templates provide a basic way to do just that.

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Employee Timesheets