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Are you looking for free flyer templates that you can use for your business? LoveToKnow has created three fill-in flyers that you can download and edit for your own use. If you're hosting a grand opening, holding a customer appreciation event or offering special sale pricing, you'll likely find these flyers to be very helpful.

Create Your Own Flyers with LTK's Fill-in Templates

LTK has created three fill-in flyer templates that you can use to create your own marketing materials quickly and easily. Follow the five easy steps outlined below to customize the attached grand opening, customer appreciation event and special sale flyer templates for your own use.

1. Open the Desired Flyer

To access one of the three fill-in flyer templates, simply click on the thumbnail image for the flyer that you would like to use. The document will open in a new tab or window, depending on what browser and version you are using.

If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

2. Download and Save the File

In order to keep the formatting of the flyer intact, you will need to save the template to your hard drive before making changes. If you are comfortable editing an Adobe file you can skip this step, however.

3. Customize Flyer Content

Click on any text that needs to be customized for your event, replacing the placeholder text with details specific to your company or to the particular event you want to promote. Simply click the text that you want to change and type the new information in its place. To eliminate a line of text, click at the end of the line of text and use the backspace button on your keyboard to wipe it out.

4. Save the Finished Document

When you have made all necessary adjustments, save the flyer again using the disk icon in the toolbar. Note that the flyer will save as a PDF file.

Distribute Your Customized Flyers

Once you have finished the process of customizing your flyer, it's time to distribute the document. You can create printouts by using the printer icon in the toolbar. If you'd like to distribute it via email, you can do so by clicking the envelope icon in the toolbar. Be sure to proofread the document carefully before printing or sending via email.

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Free Flyer Templates